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Get 25% off Pet Insurance!


Because of their healthy pre-disposition, insurance premiums for Greyhounds are very affordable compared to many other large dog breeds.

To celebrate what fantastic pets Greyhounds are and make it easier for you to afford the best vet care for your dog, we are offering you 25% off for the first year of your insurance policy if you sign up before 31 October 2016.

Just use the promo code BWM25GREY when you get a quote.

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Why does my Greyhound need pet insurance?


Greyhounds have been bred to be healthy and are generally hardy dogs. For instance, while other large dogs often suffer from hip problems, Greyhounds are bred to have stronger legs. (Learn more about Greyhounds and their general health.)

No matter how healthy they are, the reality is that even Greyhounds are not invincible. Dogs are dogs, and you never know what will happen to affect their health. From a small accident resulting in an injured toe to a serious gastrointestinal condition or cancer, insuring your Greyhound’s health will enable you to make the right decisions when your beloved pet needs you the most. It’s during those times of stress when you want peace of mind knowing that you are covered, no matter what treatment is needed.

We cover 80% of your vet bills for most accidents and illnesses and have fast and easy claims turnaround. We allow for pre-existing conditions to be waived after 18 months of continuous cover providing your vet has given clearance (read more about our cover).

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