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Rated Australia’s best pet insurer

Afford the best health care for your pet

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Rated Australia’s best pet insurer

Afford the best health care for your pet

Rated Australia’s best pet insurer

Afford the best health care for your pet

Pet insurance for Australian pet owners

Why pet insurance makes sense

As caring pet parents, you value your pets’ health and want to ensure they are always well looked after. Unfortunately, no matter how well you look after them, most pets will require veterinary treatment at some stage and it can be a very costly experience!

Pet insurance is an easy, affordable way to cover unexpected vet bills. Not only does it make sense financially but it makes sense for your pet. There is no need for them to suffer if veterinary care is too pricey, and no difficult decisions for you to make other than getting them the best possible care.





  • 21 day cooling off
  • Lifetime cover
  • Pre-existing claim waiver

Bow Wow Meow – top cover from real Aussie pet people

  • Flexible cover options: Under our Comprehensive Plan and Major Medical Plan, you can choose between maximum benefit levels of either $8,000 or $12,000 per year. Our Accident Plan covers you for up to $8,000 of annual expenses. All plans offer up to 80% rebate on eligible vet bills.
  • Genuine life-long cover: Once your pet is insured, we will cover all chronic conditions for the life of the pet up to the annual benefit limit each year, provided you renew your policy each year without any break, lapse or change in the level of cover.
  • Quick claim turnarounds: We pay 85% of claims within 5 working days following receipt of all requested documentation.
  • Waiver of pre-existing conditions: You can apply to have any pre-existing condition exclusions waived after 18 months of continuous cover, provided your vet has verified that your pet has been fRated No. 1 Pet Insurerree of any clinical signs or recurrence of the pre-existing condition.
  • Additional benefits: Our plans provide you with a range of additional benefits
    plus a free customised pet ID tag.
  • Peace of mind: Most of all our policies give you peace of mind that your best friend will always be looked after. We are determined to help you when you need it most…that is why our policy holders have rated us #1 Pet Insurer in Australia on Product Review (current as at 01/05/2016).

$6,000 shoulder surgery

“Milo was in extreme pain and required shoulder surgery at just 4 months and we were so glad we had him insured with Bow Wow.” Read more

Frank’s rat poison emergency

“This trauma resulted in emergency consultations, investigative tests and an overnight stay in hospital. If you’re considering taking out pet insurance, I would say you won’t regret it.” Read more

Stanley’s bone deformity

“Stanley’s bone deformity caused severe pain and required extensive surgery. Bow Wow reimbursed us over $4,000” Read more

Our pet insurance cover options

Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance has three levels of cover, from Accident Only cover to Comprehensive and Major Medical cover, both of which include accident and illness. Compare Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance options or find out more about our dog insurance and cat insurance. Our pet insurance also includes optional Routine Care cover which can be added to both the Comprehensive and Major Medical Plan. Routine cover will help you with the costs for everyday wellness care for your dog or cat, such as vaccinations, worming, dental treatment and much more.

Comprehensive Plan

  • Accident + illness pet insurance policy
  • Choice of $8,000 or $12,000 annual limit
  • Choice of $0, $100 or $200
    per condition excess

Major Medical Plan

  • Accident + Illness pet insurance policy
    (lower premiums, higher excess)
  • For illness and injuries with lower premiums
  • $12,000 annual limit and $500 per condition excess

Accident Plan

  • Cover for accidents and injuries
  • No waiting period or upper age limit
  • $8,000 annual limit
  • Choice of $0 or $100 per condition excess

Find out more about which plan option is best for your pet.

Pet insurance claims made easy

We understand that you rely on getting your money back as soon as possible. We currently pay 85% of claims within 5 working days following receipt of all requested documentation. You can submit claims quickly and easily online through our pet portal or send your claim to us in the mail.

Flexible puppy and dog insurance that provides up to 80% cover for illness and injury, with your choice of annual limit and excess level. We offer genuine life-long cover with lots of additional benefits like a free pet ID tag, emergency boarding and option to waive pre-existing conditions.

White and Ginger Kitten

Protect your favourite Meow with cat insurance that offers genuine life long cover and a range of flexible options. Underwritten by Australia’s leading pet insurer, Bow Wow Meow gives you peace of mind that you can always afford the best treatment when you need it, with up to 80% rebate on eligible vet bills.

Tips, advice and info to help you provide the best dog care and cat care and connect you with other pet owners. Our informative and useful articles will help you to be the best pet parent you can be, providing you with useful info and resources to support you during fun times and harder times, such as when your pet is ill.

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The latest news, tips and advice for looking after your Bow Wows & Meows!

Information about the best health care from vets and Australian pet experts.

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