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Statistics show that pet owners who have pet insurance visit their vet 41% more often and spend 53% more on pet care than uninsured pets*.

Since our launch in 2008, Bow Wow Meow’s range of pet insurance plans  have been embraced by vets and pet owners alike, with over 80,000 policies having been issued.

We care about the service we give and helping our customers when times are tough. Pet owners recognise this and have consistently rated us the number one pet insurer in Australia on independent consumer ratings site over the last few years.

This has culminated in us being chosen as Product Review’s Pet Insurer of the Year for 2017 and again for 2018/2019, something of which we are very proud.

What is most gratifying for us is that these awards are given based on real reviews from our customers. We are so proud to be able to help so many Aussie pet owners and their fur babies stay happy & healthy.


Why choose Bow Wow Meow?

Bow Wow Meow offers a range of flexible, competitive policy options to suit a range of needs and budget, and is underwritten by Australia’s leading pet health insurer.

  • Our policies cover up to 80% of eligible vet fees.
  • We are committed to making your pet insurance claiming easy for your customers, and are constantly working on new ways to facilitate this.
  • In fact, we are currently one of the first pet insurers trialing the new GapOnlyTM payments through selected vets.
    Find out more about becoming a GapOnly vet.
  • We offer life-long cover (provided the policy holder continues to renew their cover subject to terms and conditions) and will cover all chronic conditions (excluding Pre-existing Conditions) for the life of the pet up to the annual benefit limit each year.
  • Our customers have the option to use the vet of their choice.
  • We have no breed exclusions and offer a range of additional benefits.
  • Customers can now apply for pre-existing excluded conditions to be removed after 18 months of continuous cover.
  • We are focused on providing the best possible service to our insurance customers to ensure they can always afford the best treatment options.

*Sourced from “In the Black” Magazine, Issue 9, Autumn 2010

Free training & promotional material for vets

We will provide you with a free training kit which includes online training for your staff, marketing material, a supply of postcards for your puppy school, a comparison matrix and lots more!

Contact us for a promotional stand and brochures to hand out to your clients:

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