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Pet insurance that’s given peace of mind to over 160,000 Aussie pet owners

As pet lovers ourselves, we never want to see you having to make the choice between money and the health of your pets.

The last thing you need when your pets aren’t well is more stress, so we aim to keep our pet insurance simple to use and to always be there when you need us most.

  • Get to 80% of your eligible vet bills reimbursed, with options to change your benefit percentage.
  • Unlike many of our competitors we have no excess, which means that you can claim for even the smallest eligible vet expenses.
  • We offer additional benefits including your first 2 months free, 10% multi-pet discount, free ID tag every year and a pet health card for your wallet. Check out our benefits and pet insurance deals.
  • We offer generous benefit limits and inclusions like hip joint surgery cover of up to $7,600 per hip.
  • Get access to complimentary online vet consults 24/7 with a VetChat consult membership valued at $199 per year!
  • You can get your claim processed on the spot with GapOnly®, which calculates your claim while you’re still at your vet’s practice, so you pay only the gap. Or claim online via our easy to use Pet Portal.

We believe that’s why we’ve been chosen by Product Review as Pet Insurance Award winners for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and again for 2024!

Over $3 million in claims paid out each month18

We've insured over 160,000 Aussie pets since 2008

Fast & easy claims processing

Easy to use online portal
GapOnly® on the spot claiming
Caring & attentive service

Pet insurance for your dog or cat

An exciting new partnership with Petscripts for your pet's medication

We're delighted to announce our new partnership with Petscripts, a leading online pet pharmacy. They're proudly Australian owned and operated by veterinarians, with registered Australian Pharmacists.
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Our pet insurance plans

Award winning cover with more benefits

  • Range of flexible cover options.
  • No excess, which means even smaller eligible vet bills are covered.
  • Online and GapOnly® claiming saving you the ‘claims run around’.
  • Optional Routine care (non-insurance benefit) on all plans.
  • Get a complimentary VetChat consult membership when you sign up^.
  • 95% of claims processed within 5-10 days.
  • Once insured, we will cover your pet for life.4
  • Product Review’s Pet Insurance Award Winner every year from 2018 – 2024.
  • Awarded Finder’s Best Value Pet Insurance for 2024.


  • Up to $15,000 annual benefit limit
  • Flexible choice of 60%, 70% or 80% benefit percentage (percent of eligible vet bill covered)
  • Hip Joint Surgery cover of up to $7,600 per hip
  • $2,000 tick paralysis total annual sub-limit
  • Option to add Routine care (non-insurance benefit)

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  • Our premium pet insurance plan
  • Up to $20,000 annual benefit limit
  • 80% benefit percentage (percent of eligible vet bill covered)
  • Includes cover for specified dental conditions (up to $1,000 total annual sub-limit)
  • Hip Joint Surgery cover – up to $7,600 per hip
  • $3,000 tick paralysis total annual sub-limit
  • Option to add alternative therapy cover (up to $1,000 total annual sub-limit) and optional Routine care (non-insurance benefit)

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  • Our extended accident plan – now includes cover for tick paralysis, poisoning,  ingestion of object & spinal disc rupture
  • Up to $10,000 annual benefit limit
  • 80% benefit percentage (percent of eligible vet bill covered)
  • Hip Joint Surgery cover – up to $7,600 per hip (stated accidental injuries only)
  • $1,200 tick paralysis total annual sub-limit
  • Option to add Routine care (non-insurance benefit)

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Read more about this plan

How much could I save on my vet bills with pet insurance?

Here are some examples of our top claims
Top Claim# $0.00
You could save

#Based on maximum Bow Wow Meow claims evidenced between 01/01/2019 to 31/12/2019 for a particular species and breed.

*Based on a benefit rate of 80%. This is the calculated amount saved after the co-payment amount (20% of the vet bill in this case) has been deducted.

Giving back to our community

Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance is thrilled to be a Platinum Sponsor of the Australian Animal Poisons Helpline, a registered animal charity that provides a FREE poisons advice service to pet owners across Australia & New Zealand. Pet owners who suspect their pet may have been poisoned can call 1300 869 738 to get rapid first-aid advice, risk assessment and triage recommendations for their pets.

We are proud to support this valuable service, another way we are making a real difference to Aussie pet owners every day.

Our customers love us

Over 40% of our policy holders have been referred by their friends, vet or breeder

Pet insurance for Australian pet owners

Why should you get pet insurance?

As caring pet parents, you value your pet’s health and want to ensure they are always well looked after. The fact is that, no matter how well you look after them, most pets will require veterinary treatment at some stage.

The good news is that vet care has advanced significantly over the past decade. Unfortunately, the cost of vet treatment has also risen significantly and there is no Medicare for pets, so when anything happens to your furry family members, you will need to foot the bill.

Vet bills for injuries or illnesses can quickly add up to thousands of dollars.

Pet insurance is a way to protect both you and your pet from unexpected vet bills. There is no need for your pet to suffer if veterinary care is too pricey, and no difficult decisions for you to make other than getting them the best possible care.


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Bow Wow Meow is focussed entirely on you and your pets. We are not some big, faceless insurance company, we are a team of Aussie pet lovers.

But we also take insurance seriously, and are therefore administered by Australia’s only general insurer dedicated to pet insurance.

We are here for you, and are determined to help you when you need it most. We go above and beyond to help our pet parents during stressful times.

We believe this is what makes us one of the best pet insurance providers in Australia. This has been confirmed by the fact that we’ve been chosen by Product Review as Pet Insurance Award winners every year from 2018 to 2024, and the thousands of satisfied pet parents who refer their friends to us.

Our new improved pet portal allows you to submit pet insurance claims and manage your policy quickly and easily online.

If we require further information after you submit a claim, we will correspond directly with your vet. This saves you having to worry about your claim and chasing up your vet.

And you have access to GapOnly® on the spot claiming. This means less to pay upfront on eligible vet bills, and if your claim is approved you don’t have to wait for your claim to be paid after you leave the vet’s practice.

We have designed our pet insurance policies to suit the needs of every type of pet owner. For example:

  • Our pet insurance policies offer a range of annual benefit levels (ranging from $5,000 for our Indoor Cat plan up to $20,000 for our Ultimate Care plan)
  • Under our Peace of Mind plan you can choose between a reimbursement level of 60%, 70% or 80% for eligible vet bills
  • Our new Indoor Cat plan offers a specific policy for the needs of indoor cats.
  • Our new Ultimate Care plan includes $1,000  per year towards dental illness and the option to get covered for alternative care.

Once your pet is insured, we will cover all conditions (as long as they are not exclusions) for the life of the pet up to the annual benefit limit each year, provided you renew your pet insurance policy each year without any break, lapse or change in the level of cover. Cover will be subject to the terms and conditions of each renewing policy.

All of our claims are looked at on an individual basis. However, we do not pay benefits for pre-existing conditions.

A pre-existing conditions is a condition that first existed or occurred:

  • prior to the commencement date of your first policy period; or
  • within any applicable waiting period;
  • is a condition that you or your vet were aware of, or a reasonable person in your circumstances would have been aware of, irrespective of whether the underlying or causative condition has been diagnosed.

If, after any applicable waiting period, your pet has a pre-existing condition that is a temporary condition which hasn’t existed, occurred or shown noticeable signs, symptoms or an abnormality in the 18-month period immediately prior to your claim treatment date, it won’t be excluded from cover as a pre-existing condition.

You can apply to have a pre-existing condition reviewed. Your vet will need to certify and provide veterinary records verifying that the condition hasn’t existed, occurred or shown noticeable signs, symptoms or an abnormality for a period of 18 months.

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10% discount for multiple pets1

Free engraved pet ID tag on sign up3

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