Cat Insurance

Our cat insurance cover helps you provide your beloved cat with vet care so that he or she will never need to suffer unnecessarily, and will always have access to the best treatment.

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In the last year16, Bow Wow Meow has paid out $0.00 for 0 claims for cats

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How much could I save on my vet bills with pet insurance?

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#Based on maximum Bow Wow Meow claims evidenced between 01/01/2019 to 31/12/2019 for a particular species and breed.

*Based on a benefit rate of 80%. This is the calculated amount saved after the co-payment amount (20% of the vet bill in this case) has been deducted.

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Why you should insure your cat

There are many good reasons to insure your cat. Here are just a few...

Because you’ve made them part of your family

And it goes without saying that you would do anything to get them better if they were injured or unwell.

We know that, as caring parents, you value your cat’s health and want to ensure they are always well looked after. Unfortunately, the fact is that no matter how well you look after them, most cats will require veterinary treatment at some stage, and vet bills can add up very quickly.

There is no Medicare for pets

What is difficult to account for are the more serious illnesses that can, and commonly do develop in cats as they mature. Chronic conditions like kidney disorders and diabetes can cost thousands of dollars to treat over the life of your cat.

The good news is that vet care has advanced significantly over the past decade. Unfortunately, the cost of vet treatment has also risen significantly and there is no Medicare for pets, so when anything happens to your cat, you will need to foot the entire bill.

It can save your cat’s life

Pet insurance is a way to protect both you and your cat from unexpected vet bills. There is no need for your cat to suffer if veterinary care is too pricey, and no difficult decisions for you to make other than getting them the care they deserve.

Above all, pet insurance will provide you with the security that you will never have to choose between money and the life of your beloved cat.

Over $416,000 paid out in cat claims in the last year16!

We've insured over 140,000 Aussie pets

95% of claims paid within 5 days

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Our cat insurance plans

I would like to say a big thank you to Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance who have been nothing but helpful after my cat Summer fractured her thoracic limb. Poor Summer was hit by a car - something that I never thought would happen. She managed to make her way home thankfully, as it could have been much worse. The saying goes "Cats have 9 lives" and they always land on their feet, so I find most cat owners don’t think about these things happening to their cats. Summer was limping and we took her straight to the vet. After multiple x-rays we found out her thoracic limb was fractured and potentially surgery would be involved depending on how bad the fracture was she may have had to have her leg amputated. Hearing this broke me. I’m sure any pet owner can understand the stress that me and my family went through, as pets are just like members of the family. Luckily Summer’s fracture didn’t require surgery. She was required to be enclosed for 6 - 8 weeks and was given pain killers. Thankfully Summer has made a full recovery thanks to the fantastic vets that took care of her. Thank you, Bow Wow Meow, for making the claims process for summer an absolute breeze. The claim was sent through by our vet and within 5 days our claim was paid. The process is so easy, and they have an online portal where you can see how your claim is going. Not many people think about these things with cats and then when it happens not only are you stressed about your pet but also about veterinary bills which can be quite costly. Luckily Bow Wow Meow paid our claim almost instantly, meaning we were not out of pocket for long. The process was quick and easy. I can’t recommend them enough. The premium is affordable, and both my cat and dog are insured with Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance. Realistically what I pay for Pet Insurance I spend on coffee per week. If I had not had Pet Insurance, I would have been at the least $2,000 out of pocket. Thank you again Bow Wow Meow, now Summer is back to her old self and hanging out with her sister Cleo.
Gorgeous cat Summer was in a car accident which fractured her thoracic vertebrae. After initially being told her leg may need to be amputated, she recovered fully after being enclosed for 6-8 weeks. Her mum is so grateful that she had insurance for Summer and was able to claim almost $2,000 back quickly and easily.
Our wonderful cat Lily was diagnosed with kidney stones at the age of seven. She went from being a perfectly healthy cat to a very sick cat overnight. She had to have major surgery to insert a SUB device which required her to be in ICU for a week. The stress of having a critically ill cat was made easier knowing that she had insurance. Our vet submitted the claims to Bow Wow Meow on our behalf and our claim was paid out very quickly.
Poor Lily was in ICU for a week after she suddenly became very sick with kidney stones and had to undergo major surgery.

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Cat Insurance

The sound of a content purr on your lap while you are watching TV or the silent jump on to your bed  to curl up with you for the night or the playful tap of a paw…anyone who has ever owned a cat will know exactly what makes them so special to us!

We get this special connection as we are animal lovers just like you.

  • We understand that you want to be able to provide the care for your beloved cat deserves … always.
  • Unfortunately, no matter how well you look after them, most cats will require veterinary treatment at some stage…and vet bills can quickly add up.

Cats are susceptible to chronic health conditions like hyperthyroidism and kidney disease, and these chronic conditions often come with a lifetime of treatment, such as life-long medication or monthly check-ups with a veterinarian. Our life-long cover* gives you peace of mind that your pet will be covered each year (as long as there is no break in cover, and subject to the terms and conditions of each renewing policy).

Our cat insurance cover helps you to provide your beloved feline friend with vet care so that he/she will never need to suffer unnecessarily.

Most of all, our cat insurance will provide you with the security that you will never have to choose between money and the life of your precious family member.

* Pets over 9 years of age will not qualify for the Indoor Cat, Peace of Mind or Ultimate Plan where there has been a break, lapse or change in the level of Cover after reaching the age of 9.

Peace of mind with Australia’s #1 rated Pet Insurer

Bow Wow Meow offers a choice of cat insurance plans, which will cover your cat for up to 80% of your eligible vet’s bills in case of injury or illness. Our new Indoor Cat plan has recently been introduced to cater to the specific needs of cats and offers a more budget friendly option.

We even provide cover for routine care items such as vaccinations, and health checks.

Depending on the level of cover you select, we can help you save7:

  • On your cat’s eligible vet bills
  • If your cat requires surgery
  • Of your cat needs an extended stay in hospital or emergency boarding
  • On preventative treatments (eg. fleas, ticks, heartworm)8
  • On a range of treatment options that may otherwise have been considered unaffordable.

Our insurance plans have been designed to be able to suit you and your pet’s needs and are underwritten by Australia’s leading pet insurer.

And you can rest easy knowing that you are covered by the #1 rated pet insurer on the independent Product Review site.


How do we calculate our cat insurance premiums?

Pet insurance costs vary based on several factors specific to your cat, including:
  • Date of birth
  • Breed
  • Where your cat lives
  • The cover you select

We consider each of these elements and then match them to the average cat’s veterinary costs to determine your cat’s premium.


When should you take out cat insurance cover?

The purpose of cat insurance is to help cover the costs of unexpected accidents and illnesses that may occur. Unfortunately, it will not cover any existing conditions your dog may have, prior to insurance or during the applicable waiting period. These are known as pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions may be covered depending on the nature and experience of the condition, and some conditions are eligible for review after no signs or symptoms of the condition are present for an 18-month period – see Pre-existing condition review section in the PDS for more information. This means that the ideal time to insure your pet is as early as possible so that anything that happens in the future may be covered.



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