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We understand how important your pet’s health is to you and we are committed to helping you give your pet a healthy, happy life.

  • We will be providing tips on nutritional information, safety,  dog care and cat care on an ongoing basis.
  • We have compiled an extensive directory of dog breeds and cat breeds, with information about caring for and protecting each type of breed against specific illness that they may be predisposed to.
  • Common diseases and conditions affecting dogs and cats are all listed, with help for diagnosing and treating each kind of illness.

Our resident vet and pet lover, Dr Jo, shares some of her insights for keeping your pets happy, fit and healthy with Dr Jo’s top 5 pet health tips:

  1. Understand your pet’s behaviour
  2. Prevention is better than cure
  3. Pay attention to your pet’s diet
  4. Give your pets adequate exercise
  5. Dental hygiene is important

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At Bow Wow Meow we are all about loving your pet & responsible pet ownership. Not only do we help pet owners afford the best vet care with our pet insurance, we also assist millions of pets with external identification should they ever become lost.

We love to have a little fun and see pictures of your pets. Please enter your pet in our Pet of the month competition on our Facebook or Instagram pages!

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Want the latest news, tips and advice for looking after your Bow Wows and Meows? Check out our Pet talk section, which is packed full of great articles for pet lovers!

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  • Find a pet name by type, letter or appearance
  • Find out the meaning & popularity of names
  • Check out the top 20 male and female dog names
  • Take a look at our tips for naming your dog

Or if all else fails, you could just go with our most popular dog names of 2018, Bella for girls and Charlie for boys! Find a dog name.

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