Tip 2. Prevention is better than cure

Tip 2. Prevention is better than cure

It is all too easy to be reactive rather than proactive when it comes to your pet’s health. Being on top of your pet’s health will help prevent potential large veterinary bills and suffering. This is particularly true with conditions like dental disease, weight control, proper exercise and regular grooming.

Many pet owners only bring in their pet to their vet clinic when something is clearly a serious health issue. But most health problems start gradually and by taking a preventative approach, you will be able to identify these problems in the initial stages or even before the actual onset of the problem.

Ensure you maintain regular vet visits

Regular vet visits (about once or twice per year) are important in maintaining your pet’s health. It can help guard against any potential health problems and enable your vet to check things like heart and lung function, as well as providing inspection of ears, eyes, teeth, claws, etc. It also enables your vet to keep your pet vaccination boosters up-to-date.

Remember, your pet is aging much quicker than you and a yearly check-up is only the equivalent of you seeing your doctor around once every six or seven years!

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