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Bow Wow Meow Puppy GuideThe Bow Wow Meow Puppy Guide is an easy to use comprehensive guide for new pet parents that has been developed by pet professionals and puppy trainers.

It is jam packed full of useful information that will help give your new puppy the best possible start in life!

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About our Puppy Guide

shutterstock_205957072Looking after a puppy and raising a puppy is a lot of fun but also a big responsibility, and we want to provide you with the best puppy information and help you to be the best pet parent you can be!

Our Puppy Guide is a fantastic resource for new and experienced puppy owners. We cover all relevant puppy care topics, from factors to think about when getting a puppy to bringing a puppy home and setting up your home, to topics such as puppy vaccinations and puppy immunisation. The guide also provides useful advice on medical prevention and treatment, including flea treatment for puppies, desexing dogs and dog first aid.

Your puppy’s diet is extremely important, and our guide includes advice on puppy food, what to feed puppies, how much to feed a puppy, and answers to questions like “What can’t dogs eat?”. We also give practical advice on the important topic of puppy socialisation and guidance on finding a good puppy school and what watch out for in puppy training. It also includes a new puppy checklist. 

We hope you enjoy it and find it useful!


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