Customer Feedback and Reviews

We are more than insurers, we are pet people too, and we are extremely proud to have issued more than 80,000 pet insurance policies since launching in 2008! Many of our customers have sent us their feedback and shared their stories with us about how our pet insurance cover has helped them in times of crisis, when their pets haven’t been well. You can read pet insurance reviews from some of our customers below.

We are very proud to have been awarded Product Review’s Pet Insurer of the Year for 2017 and again for 2018/2019!

You can read thousands of independent customer reviews on the Product Review site, where we have received the most positive reviews of any Australian pet insurer, and are rated 4.1/5  (as at 27/11/2018).

There are also hundreds of pet insurance reviews on the Trust Pilot site, where we are proud to have achieved a TrustScore of over 8.3/10 (as at 27/11/2018).

Pet insurance reviews

"My feedback is 110% positive and I can’t speak highly enough about our experience. Indie was only 16 weeks when she fell off the couch the night of my 30th birthday… she was crying in agony so we knew something wasn’t right! We had to bring Indie to the emergency vet who performed x-rays immediately and it turns out she had fractured her elbow and required surgery which was going to cost approx. $5000-6000. The surgery was quite complex because Indie was so small - at the time weighing just over 1kg. The surgeon actually had to order in special screws and bolts given her size. We were so shocked at what the surgery was going to cost and we weren’t sure if our policy would cover the surgery because we had only taken it out a couple of weeks previously. When I phoned Bow Wow Meow the following day your staff member couldn’t have been more helpful and assured me Indie would be fully covered under the policy, explained what documents we required to submit the claim and advised it would be quicker to lodge the claim online. He was very sympathetic which was very much appreciated. Indie had her surgery on the Tuesday which went very well and was in recovery for a few days before being let home - she recovered 100% without any further issues and is a happy, healthy, fun loving dog. I submitted the claim about a week or so later exactly as advised by your staff member and my claim was paid within 2-3 days without any queries or hesitation. While the whole experience was very distressing, how Bow Wow Meow handled our claim made our experience so much easier not having to worry about the cost of the surgery and taking the choice of having the surgery or not out of the equation - we were just able to do what was best for Indie as recommend by the vet and surgeon. Thank you for providing an outstanding product and service. Indie is a major part of our family, she is very much our fur baby who lives inside with us so we would have done anything to make sure she was ok and Bow Wow Meow gives us the peace of mind knowing that we will always be able to do what is best for Indie now and in the future". (Customer review from 2016)
At age of 16 weeks, Sandra's puppy Indie, weighing only 1kg, fell off the couch and fractured her elbow. 
We thank Sandra for sharing her experience with us.
"I had noticed my beautiful 5 year old Burmese boy, Dex, visiting his litter tray much more frequently than usual. He also became a lot more vocal before, during and after each visit. Usually a playful, loving and needy boy, it was clear that something was not quite right. A visit to our vet confirmed Dex was suffering with FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease), caused by a build up of crystals. Obviously, this was extremely upsetting for me and terribly painful for Dex however knowing that I had Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance, put my mind instantly at ease. The staff at Bow Wow were absolutely amazing throughout my claims process and within 5 days, I received my refund. It just goes to show how important pet insurance is, not only for your back pocket, but for peace of mind in knowing that your fur babies will be taken care of." (Customer review from 2016)
Ilana shares her recent experience when her Burmese Dex suffered from a very uncomfortable urinary tract infection.
"After going through a traumatic heart-wrenching experience with my Miniature Dachshund Cooka, the vet expenses were overwhelming. I contacted Bow Wow Meow and explained my current situation. The operator was helpful, understanding, patient and empathetic and I was refunded within 8 days. I can't thank the entire company enough for the fantastic service that you gave me, it was honestly one of the best I have ever received. I am content knowing I have a provider who sticks by what they promote and offer. Thank you from both Cooka and I." (Customer review from 2016)
Policy holder Nasha Poulos went through a very difficult time when her Miniature Dachshund Cooka became ill. She contacted us to thank us for the excellent service she received when she made her claim.
“I originally bought this insurance just for peace of mind – and having two dogs went for the major medical cover “just in case”. Well, it happened – one of my dogs was bitten by a large black snake and fortunately I was home at the time and knew straight away so rushed him to the vet. The treatment was very expensive (he needed two vials of antevenom) and it was a huge relief not to have to worry about where I was going to find the money because I was stressed out enough worrying about my dog. The claim was settled by Bow Wow very quickly, and I just want to thank you for providing this insurance and for the good service I received.” (Customer review from 2016)
Alessandra has shared her story with us about the trauma of her dog Monty being bitten by a snake.
“I switched to Bow Wow Meow from Pet Plan about 5 months ago because I could not take the horrible service and loops I had to jump through over at Pet Plan. I had enough but was reluctant to switch... will I have to deal with the same thing? So I called your customer service line and spoke to a wonderful woman who talked and walked me through everything. I told her my concerns, and she talked me through those as well...the service was light years beyond my old insurance. Then, following that, any time I have called I have received the same wonderful, happy, kind service. Like your employees are actually happy doing their job and that makes me feel good. They are friendly, upbeat and explain everything in detail. I also love the text message notifications and how easy to read and fill out your claim forms are as well as how easy to understand your remittance advice forms are. Clear as a bell, no confusion here! Thank you so much, my dog Brooklyn and I are so grateful we switched!” (Customer review from 2016)
Brooklyn’s owner Kelsey, contacted us to say how pleased she has been with our company, our service, staff and little extras since changing over from another pet insurer.
“Our dog Frank loves to eat and loves to explore. Unfortunately when he was a pup he didn’t always know what was good to eat and what wasn’t. This resulted in a bout of poisoning requiring an emergency vet consultation, investigative tests and an overnight stay in the vet hospital. Having Bow Wow Meow pet insurance meant we didn’t have the additional worry or difficult decision making associated with the cost of his course of treatment. He made a full recovery and is happily back to his playful and energetic best. The bill came to several hundreds of dollars, however making the claim to Bow Wow Meow was straight forward and they promptly paid our claim. To anyone considering taking out pet insurance, I would say, do it, you won’t regret it, pets are worth it.” (Customer review from 2016)
Diana’s dog Frank, an Australian Cattle Dog managed to swallow rat poison and received a bad case of poisoning. Bow Wow Meow paid out $762.30.
“We decided to insure our 18 month old Rottweiler Keira for peace of mind against any large unwanted vet bills. Unfortunately, Keira fell from a high fence and suffered a leg injury. She went through treatment for the injury which included surgery and treatment for a subsequent infection. We were obviously very concerned for our Keira and it was a relief not to have to worry about accumulating vet bills. On completion of Keira's treatment we lodged our claim with Bow Wow Meow. We found the claim process to be quick and easy. I would recommend to people to insure their pets and highly recommend Bow Wow Meow as an insurer. Keira has recovered from her injury and is doing well.” (Customer review from 2016)
Andrew Smith’s Rottweiler, Keira fell from a high fence and injured her leg in the fall. Bow Wow Meow paid out $3,388.00.
"I would like to thank you for the swift payment and overall easy process when my British Bulldog “Diva” required surgery on two occasions last year. From carrying out the initial online registration to provide the insurance cover for my dog to then having to go through the procedure of making two separate claims in such a short space of time, I have experienced the full service of your company in relatively quick succession and have to say I have been very impressed firstly with the ease (no masses of form filling) and secondly the speed of these transactions (after sending a copy of the vets bill I received the cheque for payment for each of my claims very quickly). Whilst they were only minor operations it gives me peace of mind that I have chosen a good product that I have recommended to a number of my friends who also own dogs. Many thanks for your help from myself and Diva." (Customer review from 2016)
Mark Potter’s British Bulldog, Diva developed Cherry Eye in each eye. Cherry eye is a common eye disease for which surgery is the only treatment option and appears as a small red bump which protrudes above the eyelid. Bow Wow Meow paid out $780.21.
“When our puppy Stanley was 9 months old, he needed to have surgery on his front right leg. Whilst he’d been growing from a pup, the bones in his right leg had grown at different rates, with one stopping growing before the other, causing his leg to bow. So at 9 months old Stan was nearly lame, in incredible pain, and showing signs of arthritis in 2 of his little joints. He required surgery to fix the problem. We had only been customers with Bow Wow Meow for a very short period of time when Stanley required this surgery, and we were just amazed that our claim was accepted and processed with a minimum of fuss. From start to finish, we accumulated over $4,000 in vet bills, and Bow Wow Meow reimbursed us every cent. We cannot say enough about the service we received, and it was such a comfort to know they had our backs during a difficult period. I would not hesitate to shout from the roof-tops – “Get yourself some Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance, you’ll be glad you did!” (Customer review from 2016)
Rachel and Gary’s Scottish Terrier, Stanley had a bone deformity which caused his right leg to grow at a different rate to the rest. Stanley found himself in significant pain at 9 months old. Bow Wow Meow paid out $4,112.37.
“Our six month old puppy "Jackson Oakley Hood" was diagnosed with a luxating patella which means that his knee would dislocate continuously when he was walking. We took Jackson to an orthopedic surgeon who performed a knee reconstruction and Jackson is now nearly fully recovered. We were very fortunate to have pet insurance, as the operation and treatment cost close to $4,000. Bow Wow Meow provided us with prompt, courteous and helpful service and we are very thankful to them for their assistance as it ensured that Jackson could receive the best possible treatment”. (Customer review from 2016)
Carin & Chris’s Maltese Cross, Jackson, was diagnosed with a Patella Luxation and had to have a knee operation. Bow Wow Meow paid out $3,631.34.
“We took Milo to an orthopaedic surgeon who performed a shoulder arthroplasty, which essentially involved creating a false shoulder joint.” Milo is now seven months old and starting to use his leg again. He is expected to make a full recovery.“We were ecstatic that we made the decision to take out pet insurance. Milo’s operations cost approximately $6,500. Without Bow Wow Meow we most likely would not have been able to have Milo’s operations performed.” (Customer review from 2016)
Melissa & Michael’s Cavoodle, Milo, was diagnosed with a shoulder luxation and required two operations. It was first picked up when Milo dislocated his shoulder at four months of age. Following the initial surgery Milo continued to be in pain and was at risk of further dislocation. Bow Wow Meow paid out $6,000.

How can pet insurance reviews assist you?

Pet insurance reviews can be a helpful resource to help you choose the best insurance company for you and your pet. Reviews from pet owners can give you an indication of service levels, as well as an idea of the good and the bad that can occur. However, one also needs to look at pet insurance reviews with some reservation, and it is important to consider the accuracy of each pet insurance review before taking it on board. We have provided the following guidelines on what you should look for when making decisions based on pet insurance reviews.


What to look for when comparing pet insurance reviews

It is important to keep the following points in mind when using pet insurance reviews for guidance.

  • Be cautious of scathing reviews written by furious customers.
    Bear in mind that human nature is such that people are far more likely to be vocal with complaints than they are with praise. However, many scathing reviews do carry legitimacy. Customers may be reacting, for example, to poor service levels or to mistakes that may have occurred in their claims assessment.  However, keep in mind that  customers will often become irate and vent out of frustration, when, for example, their claims are denied, even though the items that they are claiming for were clearly not covered in their policy. This happens regularly to all insurers, as many people do not take the time to read the Product Disclosure Statement to see exactly what is covered.Customers often complain when their claims are knocked back for the following common reasons:

    • There was a pre-existing condition being claimed for;
    • A claim was submitted during the waiting period;
    • Only a certain amount was paid due to a sublimit on a specific condition;
    • Due to a small claim being submitted on a policy that has a large excess 
reducing the benefit paid;
    • Misunderstanding of the policy or type of cover that was purchased.
  • Take the time to read different reviews (both the good 
and the bad).
    The aim here is to ensure you get a complete picture of the company being reviewed. Since new reviews are regularly being posted, it won’t do you or the company justice by just reading the top 2 or 3. Read a larger selection of Australian pet insurance reviews for a fuller picture.
  • Try to establish if the review was written by an actual user of the product.
    This can be tricky, however, it is always beneficial to endeavour to read between the lines. Was the review written by a competitor or a so called “industry expert”? Obviously, the person most qualified to provide a pet insurance review would be the person who has a pet insurance policy with that particular company. This would carry the most weight.
  • The older the review, the less value it has.
    Since companies are constantly evolving (either growing and improving or stagnating and dying), a review that is over a year old is considered out of date as the company, product or service may have changed for better or worse. It is always advisable to look out for the most recent reviews when comparing pet insurance or any other product or 
service for that matter.


How to get the most out of pet insurance reviews

We recommend first getting a handle on what you want in terms of cover before looking at pet insurance reviews. Reviews should be one of the final tools you use to help make a decision if you are not sure which pet insurance company to go with. You should have an idea of the following:

  • Type of cover
    Options typically include Accident cover, Accident plus Illness cover, Accident and Illness cover plus Routine Care cover.
  • Annual Benefit Limit
    Bow Wow Meow offers a choice of $5,000, or $20,000 (depending on plan selected) maximum cover per annum.
    Excess option: Bow Wow Meow does not charge an excess.
  • Additional benefits
    Bow Wow Meow offers a free tag, multi-pet discounts, emergency boarding fees and overseas pet travel insurance, to name a few (refer to the Terms and Conditions and Product Disclosure Statement for more details).
  • What percentage is covered (i.e. what is your co-payment)
    Bow Wow Meow offers up to 80% cover on eligible vet bills, which means that the policy holder needs to fund a 20% co -payment. Most pet insurance companies offer this level of cover, however, there are those that offer higher or lower cover, which has a direct impact on premiums.
  • What level of premium are you comfortable with?
    Premiums may vary depending on species (dog or cat), breed, age of pet, sometimes the age of the owner and even the post code where you live.


Where to find pet insurance reviews

This is the easy part! There are many review sites out there and you could simply Google Pet Insurance Review/s to see what comes up. Some of the better known ones are:

In summary, pet insurance reviews are a good tool for providing guidance in your decision when choosing a pet insurance company. However, reviews should not be a substitute for reviewing the Product Disclosure Statement. It should be noted that every review is not always equal. Online pet forums are also a good place to look as the topic of pet insurance will likely come up in forum discussions. Again, the same logic applies when using forum discussions about pet insurance as it does when using pet insurance reviews.

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