Kerstin Keimling

Kerstin is our Digital Manager at Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance. Growing up on a farm in Germany, her love for animals is no surprise. Kerstin runs her own Sydney based dog training business K9Fun and holds degrees in Business Administration, Information Technology, and in Dog Behaviour and Training. Her dog training endeavours have lead her to places like Bali and India, and if she stays regional she competes in Agility and Scentwork with her own dog. She is  an instructor at the Agility Dog Club of NSW and a foster carer for multiple dog rescue organisations.

Benji Bruce & Sheila

She shares her life with her canine comrade Benji, a German Spitz and her two cats Sheila and Bruce. All of them were rescued from local animal shelters in Sydney. If she is not playing around with dogs and cats, you will likely find her scuba diving or standup paddleboarding with Benji.

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November 6, 2018

Tip 1. Understand your pet’s behaviour

Understanding your dog's behaviour is like learning to communicate with your dog. Learn to read your dog's body language and understand how it applies to different situations. When is your dog happy, when is he excited and when is he anxious? Learn also to observe your dog and pay attention to changes in its behaviour. Here are some tips on understanding dog behaviour.

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