Target Market Determination

This Target Market Determination (TMD) sets out the class of customers the product has been designed for and is suitable for. It sets out the target market for the product, conditions and restrictions placed on its distribution, events and circumstances that would reasonably suggest that the TMD is no longer appropriate and review periods and reporting obligations for the TMD.

This TMD does not provide any financial product advice on the product and does not take into consideration the objectives, financial situation and needs of individual customers. The terms and conditions of the product are set out in the PDS. This TMD does not form part of the insurance contract and is not a summary of the product’s terms and conditions. Customers should review the PDS before making any decision in relation to the product. Any terms used in this TMD that are defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) have the same meaning as in that Act.

Target Market Determination by plan

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