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Resources & information on dog health, nutrition & grooming


Keeping your dog fit and healthy is every pet parent’s responsibility. Here is a list of resources with information on how to keep your dog in shape including topics like common health issues, what to feed your dog  and how best to prepare for a visit to the vet.  We also includes tips on the best ways to keep your dog well groomed.

1. Keeping your dog healthy – health issues & parasites
2. Dog weight range & weight loss
3. Before your dog’s vet visit
4. Making vet visits & surgery less stressful
5. Microchipping your dog
6. Dog nutrition
  – What can/can’t my dog eat?
  – Dog nutrition needs
7. Dog Grooming
  – Cleaning Dogs Ears and Teeth
  – Washing your Dog
  – DIY Dog Grooming

Are you interested in information specifically for your puppy? If so, click here to learn more.

This list is continually growing and being updated. If you feel like some information is missing or have a link that’s worth adding to our list, please contact us.


1. Keeping your dog healthy

Puppy Scratching

Cancer, arthritis, cataracts…read more about the top 10 most common health problems in dogs.

Get the grip on fleas – including everything you need to know about the side effects of different flea treatment options.

Summer time is flea time. This article guides you through what fleas are, how you can avoid them and what to do to get rid off them.

Air temperature affects dogs too. This chart gives you helpful tips on weather related conditions like hypothermia and heatstroke and how to avoid them.

One of the key ways to protect your dog from common and preventable diseases is through giving them the necessary vaccinations according to a proper vaccination schedule.


2. Weight ranges & weight loss for dogs

Check out these weight tables that give you approximations of weights for pure-bred dogs.

Pug Lying On A Scale

This chart is helpful to calculate the calorie count for everyday household treats. We suggest you print it out and stick it on your fridge.

Canine obesity is on the rise – Here are helpful tips on how you can help your dog to lose weight.

Putting your dog on a diet isn’t as easy as just halving its food intake – here is a guide that will set you and your dog up for success.


3. Be prepared for your dog’s visit to the vet

10 Questions you need to ask your vet during your dog’s annual check up.

This article will help you to make the most out of your vet visit and gives you tips on how to thoughtfully prepare it.

Veterinarian Dr Katy is shares her do’s and don’ts of how to prepare best for your next vet visit.


4. Making it less stressful – preparing your dog for vet visits & surgery

Vet looking after dog

Does your dog stress out when visiting the vet? Teaching him these 8 helpful commands beforehand can help to make a vet visit a breeze.

Help your pet to make the next vet visit less stressful: these five tip will help to prepare your pet for a vet visit.

Dr Sophia Yin shares five tips that help when dealing with a difficult dog at the vet. They don’t involve food or training time.

Surgery is a part in nearly every dog’s life – Here are some very helpful tips on how to prepare your dog for it.


5. Microchipping your dog

Micro chipping is not just a legal responsibility of owning a pet. Here are seven additional compelling reasons.


6. Dog nutrition

What can and can’t my dog eat?

You may be surprised how many foods are not a good choice for your dog. From avocado to xylitol – this article tells you what foods to beware of.

Different types of dog food and diets. Dry food, canned food, small dog, big dog, old dog, young dog – there are a few things to consider to ask the question of how much to feed your dog. This article talks you through the options.

Under the headline of ‘Improve Diet, Improve Life’, Beth Taylor of The Puddle Aqua fitness and Nutrition explains the details around canine nutrition and what goes in the different types of dog food.

Developed by Mark Sisson, this article explains how to apply the Primal Blueprint food theory to your dog’s raw diet. Think of it as the Paleo diet for dogs!

Ever wondered what goes into commercial ready made dog food? This article helps you to decode the ingredients list on pet food labels.


Nutritional requirements for a dog’s diet

This article explains the nutritional requirements of dogs and how these requirements have developed through the process of biological evolution.

Covering 7 simple nutrition rules, this article explains how you can help your pet to live a healthy life, regardless of the choice of diet.

This article gives you a basic understanding of the building blocks of a healthy canine diet.


7. Dog grooming

Cleaning dogs’ ears and teeth

Dogs can easily substantial build-ups of ear wax and other dirt in their ears. This article tells you how to clean your dogs ears.

Brushing a dogs teeth

Dental care for dogs is as important as it is for humans. Especially smaller breeds are often prone to dental diseases. This article explains why dental is so important for dogs and what you can do top avoid dental diseases.


Washing your dog

Need some help on how to wash your dog? This article is packed with handy tips and a step-by-step list on washing your pup.

What is the right shampoo to use and what products should be avoided? This article explains in 6 helpful hints what to look out for.

Dog in a towel

This short article explain how to bath and groom your dog.

Grooming senior dogs can be challenging, but this article explains in simple steps how to groom your older dog so he looks and feels his best.

If you have a dog that sheds a lot, this article is a must read about how to keep your dog’s skin and hair healthy and reduce shedding.


Tips for DIY grooming at home

Grooming is important for your pets’ comfort during the hot, dry and often dusty summer months. This article is the essential guide for summer grooming!

Dog grooming

Save money and groom your dog yourself. This YouTube video is a practical guide to bathing and then cutting your dog’s hair. It also explains all the tools and everything else you need to know to become a home groomer.

Routine pet grooming not only promotes healthy coats, skin, ears, teeth and feet, but it’s also a great way to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog. Here are some tips from a veterinarian’s assistant who grooms dogs every day.

Brushing, bathing, nails, teeth, ears and a full body check – this Dog Grooming 101 covers everything you need to know.


October 26, 2016
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