Doggie Doors Product Guide


Choosing the right doggie door is an important decision. You don’t want to get it wrong, as you’ll be taking a chunk out of your door to install it.

There many doggy doors on the market and a few important things to consider when choosing one. You’ll need to work out the right size of door for your dog, the right material to suit your home and décor, and the level of security or automation you desire in a door.

Whether you’re looking at the most basic pet doors with magnetic or manual locks, or at high-tech electronic doors that rely on batteries, microchips or RFID dog collars, there’s also the cost – and your budget – to factor into your decision.

Then there’s the actual task of installing the door. While many dog doors are relatively easy to fit into doors (or walls) yourself, given you have the right tools and can make sense of the instructions, if you don’t feel comfortable installing the door yourself, hiring a contractor or handyman may be a better option.

To make the task slightly easier for you, we’ve put together a selection of doggy doors and pet flaps that are currently available in Australia. We’ve tried to find options for dogs (and budgets) of all sizes, but always check the product’s specifications and measure your dog against these, just to make 100% sure – especially if your pooch is on the large side!


Some things to consider when making your choice:

  • The right size required for your dog
  • The material it’s made from
  • Whether the doggy door will fit your door or wall –  make sure that is compatible with your door’s material and width.
  • Colour options available – choose a suitable colour to blend in.
  • Level of security you want – if you’re in a built-up area, then security or automated doggy door systems may be best for you; if you’re in the country, perhaps a doggy door with a simple locking mechanism is all you’ll need.
  • Ease or difficulty of installation – if you’ll be able to do it yourself or need to hire an installer.
  • The warranty offered by the manufacturer
  • The cost of the door itself and of the installation if you need someone to this for you.


PetSafe Extreme Weather Aluminium Pet Door™

Price guide:  AU$270 (medium) to AU$320 (large)

The ‘Extreme Weather Pet Door’ is made specifically to keep your home energy-efficient in any climate. With 3 insulating flaps and a magnetic seal, it will keep the cool air conditioned air in during the summer and the cold out during the winter. For added protection, the centre flap is fully insulated. The metal frame has reinforced aluminium corners and is built to handle active and multi-pet households.

This doggy door easily fits into panelled, wood, PVC and metal doors 3.75–5 cm thick and installation is a DIY project.


  • Available in 2 sizes for pets up to 45 kg
  • Energy efficient: blocks over 3 times more thermal energy than single flap doors
  • Closing panel included to control your pet’s access
  • Frame is paintable to match you door’s colour


PetSafe Staywell® Original 2-way Pet Door

Staywell® Original 2-Way Pet Door

Price guide:  AU$ 40 – 120 (depending on size)

This is a basic and simple doggie door with a weatherproof flap, closing barrier and three different colour options. Set it to ‘Unlocked’ for more freedom or ‘Locked’ when you don’t want your pet to use the door. It is suitable for wooden doors and is easy to install yourself if you have the correct tools.


  • Durable plastic frame
  • Rigid, transparent plastic flap
  • Manual 2-Way lock: open and locked
  • Closing panel included
  • Colour options – available in white, brown and grey
  • Size options – Available in size small (pets up to 7 kg), medium (up to 18 kg) and large (up to 45 kg)


Dog Mate Dog Door

Dogmate Dog Door

Price guide:  AU$ 90 – 110 (depending on size)

With a plastic frame and a weather resistant, hard plastic door flap, the Dog Mate door is cost-effective, durable and designed for long-lasting use. It fits materials up to 5 cm thick and can be installed in the following doors: aluminium, hollow core, metal, polycarbonate, plywood or other thin material, solid core, steel. You can install this door yourself or by engaging a handyman (the ease of installation varies depending on the material that is is being installed into).


  • White plastic frame
  • Hard plastic tinted flap lined with brush weatherstripping for improved weather resistance in moderate climates
  • A sliding locking panel allows you to lock the door from the inside
  • Magnetic closure keeps out wind and bugs
  • 3 year warranty
  • Colour options – only available in white
  • Size options – comes in two sizes – the Dog Mate 215 dog door is suitable for small to medium-sized dogs, and the Dog Mate 216 dog door is for large-sized dogs.


Ideal Pet Products Air-Seal Pet Door

Price guide:  AU$120

The Air-Seal Pet Door features dual pane hard panels with an air seal that stops draughts, rain or outside air coming in. This pet door’s flap was also created with innovative design to keep your pet’s ears, paws and tails safe and unharmed.

Easy to install with some basic tools and DIY skills, using the downloadable installation guide (or use an installer or handyman – list available on the website). The telescoping frame adapts to doors of 1-1/4″ to 1-3/4″ thickness.


  • Available in 3 sizes – small, medium & extra large
  • Spring-loaded locking slide for one-handed use
  • Stylish, slim design


Ideal Pet Products Ruff Weather Pet Door

Price guide:  AU$150

Designed for cold climates, this pet door with double flaps keeps the cold air out whilst still allowing your dog easy access in and out of your home.

Easy to install with some basic tools and DIY skills, using the downloadable installation guide (or use an installer or handyman – list available on the website). Designed for installation in walls from 4-3/4” to 7-1/4” thickness.


  • Available in 4 sizes – small, medium, extra large & super large
  • Energy efficient Double Vinyl Flap design for maximum insulation


PetSafe® Pet Screen Pet Door

PetSafe Screen Pet Door

Price guide:  AU$ 50

The PetSafe Screen Pet Door is a swinging wire mesh door that snaps directly onto an existing screen door or window, allowing your small dog or cat to enter and exit through your screen door. This pet screen door is quick and easy to install  and lockable from the inside. The plastic frame is durable and designed for the Australian climate.


  • Plastic, high-impact frame
  • Swinging mesh flap
  • Manual 2-way slide lock: open and locked
  • Flap opening measures 20cm x 23.5cms, designed for animals weighing up to 13.6 kg


Petway® Security Pet Door

Price guide:  AU$110 to $140 (depending on size)

Petway is an Australian company that produces simple but durable pet doors that are designed for demanding Australian conditions. Easy to fit and only requiring simple tools for installation, they can be mounted without removing the door. This doggy door is meant for security screen doors, insect screen doors and stainless steel security doors. A Timber Pet Door is also available from this manufacturer.


  • Made from heavy-duty UV stabilised plastic
  • Available in sizes small, medium and large
  • Available in 6 colours (black, white, primrose, stone beige, bronze and brown)


SureFlap® Microchip Pet Door

Price guide:  AU$ 305 (Microchip Pet Door Connect plus Internet Hub)

The SureFlap® Microchip Pet Door works in conjunction with the Sure Petcare App and an internet hub that connects them to each other.  Ideal for the security-conscious pet owner, it will only open for your pet’s existing microchip (compatable with all common microchips; if your pet isn’t microchipped, you can use a lightweight RFID collar tag instead).

Designed for large cats and small dogs, the door can be installed in doors, glass or walls – a glazier will be required to install it in glass. The website provides a list of glaziers and installers that stock SureFlap products in Australia.


  • Equipped with a curfew mode that can be set to automatically lock and unlock at specified times.
  • Control your connected pet door from your phone and get notification from anywhere in the world.
  • 3 year warranty from date of purchase.
  • Door opening dimensions: 178 x 170 mm.
  • Requires 4 x C batteries.



*Please note, any pet insurance advice provided is general only. Refer to the applicable Product Disclosure Statement for details of Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance cover.