Top 10 Winter Products for Dogs

With the Southern Hemisphere winter looming, temperatures are beginning to drop and it’s time to prepare for the cooler weather. While some parts of our land enjoy mild weather all year round, in many places winter temperatures can get down to a uncomfortable level for our furry friends. And being out in the rain can certainly cause our poor pooches to shiver! We have put together a selection of must-have accessories to make this winter a warmer one for you and your dog.


1. Neoprene Dog Shoes from DoggyTopia

Perfect for the adventure dog who doesn’t hold back in the cold or the rain, these waterproof Neoprene dog shoes from DoggyTopia help to protect your dog’s paws from the elements.

They have an easy step in, wide opening and an adjustable wrap around Velcro fastening, as well as rubber grip soles for added traction and support. Just make sure to measure your dog’s paws before buying using the handy measuring guide.

DoggyTopia offers a special discount for Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance customers

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2. PlushMat! Orthopaedic Pet Bed from Rover Pet Products

There’s nothing quite like a warm bed on a cold night – and the Australian made PlushMat! orthopedic dog bed will ensure your pooch is cosy and comfortable all night long. Available in a range of sizes and colours, or customisable to your requirements, this is a premium bed for dogs of all ages and sizes. It’s the perfect bed for older dogs and those with arthritis because it alleviates and reduces pressure on joints and the body, whilst providing optimal skeletal and muscle support.

To make the PlushMat! orthopedic dog bed extra warm and cuddly for winter, you can add a Sherpa – a gorgeous faux fur topper!

Designed for quality as well as comfort, the PlushMat! orthopedic dog bed has a removable, machine-washable cover, is anti-microbial, rot- and mould-resistant and made from 100% certified non-toxic bedding and raw materials. Rover Pet Products offers a 2-year manufacturer warranty on their workmanship.

Rover Pet Products offers a special discount for Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance customers

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3. Oilskin Rain Coats and Winter Coats


The Australian company Didgeridoonas is famous for their durable oilskin fabric products that are designed to last a lifetime. But their products are not just made for humans to enjoy.

Keep your furry friend warm and dry with the Didgeridoonas Oilskin coat that is fully lined with wool blanketing. The coats are adjustable around your dog’s neck and body, fully washable and can be re-proofed if they lose their water-repellency. Comes in brown and several sizes, other colours are also available if you purchase more.

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Do you live in a warmer climate but still want your pup to enjoy the water-repellency of oilskin? Then the Oilskin Doggie Raincoat could be perfect for you. Lined in pure cotton, this jacket is designed as a summer raincoat. Comes in brown and several sizes, other colours are also available if you purchase more.

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4. The pawfect sweater for your dog


Huskimo is a young Australian company that designs products for the outdoor dog.

The Huskimo knit dog jumper is made of stretchy material and gives the perfect extra layer of warmth on chilly winter days. Keep the collar of the turtle neck unfolded to keep your dog even warmer. Designed to be pulled over, the open back makes it easy to get on and off.

Comes in different colours, patterns and sizes.

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5. Made to measure coats and underbelly warmers 


If you own a dachshund, a greyhound, a pug, a miniature pinscher or you just find it challenging to find a suitable coat for your dog’s size and shape, VoyagersK9Apparel can help. They are based in the USA and sell their products via global craft shopping website Etsy and their own website, so ordering and delivery is fast and easy.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a warm winter coat, an underbelly warmer, a hood or the pawfect rain jacket – this company has it all, for every dog.

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6. PetSafe’s Extreme Weather Aluminium Pet Door™


Feeling the cold from having to leave the back door open for toilet time? Or perhaps from an existing pet door that flaps and rattles in the wind, creating a draught and letting the warm air escape?

The ‘Extreme Weather Pet Door’ from PetSafe is designed specifically to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, and is energy-efficient in any climate. With 3 insulating flaps and a magnetic seal at the bottom to keep them securely in place, this pet door keeps out the winter chill. For added protection, the centre flap is fully insulated. The metal frame has reinforced aluminium corners and is built to handle active and multi-pet households.

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7. Bright at night collars


With days becoming shorter in winter, many of your dog’s walks and outings may be in the dark. Products from Iondogs will you ensure your furry friend remains seen even in the dark.

With LED light up collars and LED covers for your dogs collar, your dog will be visible even from far away. The collars are water resistant to withstand the rain and can be recharged.

The collars come in different styles and sizes to make the tiniest to the biggest dog clearly visible at night.

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8. Heating for your dog’s house


Do you have an outside dog but worry about him getting cold on winter nights? Then why don’t you consider this portable heater for your dog’s kennel? To save energy, the pet house heater only runs when it is needed and the internal heat shield allows your pet to touch the lower half without any danger of getting burned. For added safety a metal cord cover has been added for protection from chewing.

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9. Self-warming dog bed


Do you want to keep your furry friend warm without the inconvenience of electric heated mats and pads? Then this bed is for you (and your woofer). The bed is made of thermo reflective fibre that traps and reflects your dog’s body heat back to them. Compared to an electric mat, it needs more time to heat up and is great for indoor dogs where cold floors could impair the use of a summer bed.

We used it indoors for an older Chihuahua with arthritis and she just loved it!

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10. Dog umbrella


With many wet days to come in autumn and winter, walking your dog with the dog umbrella will make getting out in the rain a breeze – not a shower – for your pampered pooch! Being a combination of an umbrella for your dog with a dog leash attached, this is the pawfect wet weather accessory for the pampered pooch that doesn’t like the rain.

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