Easter fun with pets

Yummy treat hunts, dress ups and outdoor fun – there’s so much to love about Easter! This year, why not include your furry family members with some pet-friendly activities?

If you’re looking for some inspiration for pet-friendly Easter ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the research for you… from fun activities to festive treats to special Easter gifts for your dog or cat. And if you enjoy dressing your fur baby up – and he or she is happy to go along with it – Easter is the purr-fect opportunity! Don’t forget to take some snaps!


Easter egg hunt

Yellow Happy Easter Your StoryEaster isn’t complete without an egg hunt, so put your pet’s superior sense of smell to work with a challenging and stimulating Easter scent search. Depending on the weather, you can set up a scent hunt indoors or outside in the yard. Just make sure that there are no chocolate eggs left behind by the human hunters.

So, chocolate is a definite no-no for your pet’s scent hunt, but why not go for the real deal instead? Eggs are a nutritional powerhouse and an important source of protein and other key nutrients. Simply hard-boil a couple of eggs, remove the shells, cut the eggs into chunks, and place these inside some small boxes, plastic eggs or  other containers. Then ‘hide’ these around the yard or living room for your pet to find. You can have your pet hunt for some their favourite foods or special Easter treats – we recommend the range from Pet Partner Huds and Toke.

Depending on your pet’s interest and expertise, you can make the hunt more challenging by closing the lids of the boxes and/or by hiding the treats in trickier spots. Be sure to supervise your pet during the search, giving lots of encouragement, praise and assistance if needed.

Easter can be a dangerous time for your pet because of the increased risk of ingesting chocolate, which is harmful to dogs and cats. The Animal Poisons Hotline includes chocolate in its list of the most common animal poisons. If you suspect your pet has consumed chocolate or any other toxins, please contact your veterinarian or the Animal Poisons Helpline on 1300 TOX PET immediately.


Easter clothing and dress ups for pets

Whether it’s a family tradition to dress up for Easter, or a fun photo opportunity, why not include your pet? If they don’t take kindly to being dressed, try distracting them with treats while you sneakily slip them into the outfit.

If you’re reluctant to spend time and money on an outfit that your pet might refuse to wear, immediately wriggle out of, or simply rip off, you can always try your hand at a cheap and easy DIY. For example, in just a few minutes you can whip up some pipe cleaner bunny ears or no-sew bunny ears, or you can purchase a piece of Easter-themed fabric to create your own festive bandanas or bow ties. If DIY isn’t for you, there are some gorgeous Easter wearables available from many Australian retailers, including those worn by the gorgeous models above.


DIY Fun and Games with an Easter flavour

  • Purchase a bag of hollow coloured plastic eggs or food dispenser balls and fill them with small objects that will make rattling noises when your pet bats them around on the floor. Or use them for your pet’s Easter egg hunt by filling them with some favourite treats and/or pet food.
  • Wrap some treats or a toy in Easter wrapping paper and let your pet open the present and find the prizes inside. Some pets might also enjoy playing with the paper and the rustling sound it makes.
  • Use an empty egg carton to create a puzzle feeder – simply portion your pet’s normal meal, or a few treats, into each of the 6 or 12 compartments. Cover the individual compartments with “lids” made from plastic egg halves. You can also close the lid of the egg box and let your pet work out how to open it.
  • Tie a string to a toy bunny or chicken and pull it around the room or garden, simulating the movements of “prey” for your pet to stalk (this one is very popular with cats!). You could also attach the toy to a toy fishing rod and dangle it above his or her head, just out of reach. Watch your pet jump and bounce around while attempting to catch the toy. Allow him or her to catch and “kill” the toy from time to time to prevent frustration!
  • Turn a ping-pong ball into a fun, feline Easter activity by decorating it (if you are artistically inclined) and then simply toss it against the floor or wall for your cat to attempt to catch or have a swipe at. (Suitable for smaller animals who won’t be able to swallow the ball).
  • Play hide-and-seek with your dog, family members and some Easter treats. Have your dog stay out of sight with one family member, who counts out loud from one to ten. Meanwhile, other family members take consecutive turns to hide, while holding a treat, in various places around the home. Bring your dog back in and say “Where’s ____!” If help is needed, you can lead your pooch around with a leash while giving encouragement and/or pointing to areas to to explore. When your dog finds the hidden person, be sure to reward with lots of praise and, of course, the treat.

Note: don’t leave your pet unsupervised with toys (including plastic eggs) which might be shredded and/or eaten.


Easter pet presents

When it comes to “spoiling” our pets, toys are far from a frivolous purchase. A favourite toy can provide hours of entertainment and stimulation, keeping them busy while you are away from home or occupied with other things. However, even the best toys can become boring and stale, so it’s worth investing in some new ones from time to time.

If you’re keen on mental enrichment for pets, some toys are in a class of their own, and we’ve found a select few that would make great Easter presents.


Specially for dogs


EasterEggDoggyTopia EnrichmentBall and DuckRope

Egg Enrichment Balland Duck Rope Toy 


Rover Nylon Bunny

Easter Nylon Bunny


Ricochet Electronic Doy Toys


Specially for cats


PawPawUp ZeZe Cluck Cat Scratching Post and Cat Bed

ZeZe Cluck Cat Scratching Post and Cat Bed


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