Top winter warmers for cats

Cats love a warm patch of sunlight or a cosy blanket-covered lap even in the heat of summer, but in the winter they will do just about anything to stay warm.

Wondering how you can help warm up your cat in the cold weather? Here are some useful tips to keep your kitty purring with contentment through the cooler months.

Cosy beds

Help your cat stay warm by providing a cosy and comfy bed (or two) to sleep in. There’s a huge range of cat beds available in different shapes, sizes and material. Here are some tips:

  • Place their beds off the floor on a stable base
  • Position beds away from  colder places such as windows, doors or any draughts
  • Consider buying a heated cat bed or a special heating device made specifically for pet beds (these are great for older and arthritic cats)
  • When looking for a new bed, a removable, machine-washable cover is a bonus
  • Avoid beds with high sides for less mobile cats
  • See below for our fave cat beds from our Pet Partners


Comfy blankets

When it comes to cats, you can never have too many blankets! Here are some tips:

  • Blankets made from flannel or fleece are the cosiest for cats to burrow into
  • Don’t roll your cat up in the blanket as they hate being restricted
  • Allow your cat to arrange the blankets however it likes
  • Warm some blankets in the dryer and place them in a sunny spot for her to cuddle in
  • Mylar survival blankets placed in a box or hidey hole will reflect the cat’s own body heat and make a fun crinkly sound to boot


Cat clothes

Most cats will resist being dressed, but there are some exceptions. If your cat hasn’t worn clothes before, opt for a soft, warm item like a fleece sweater. Get your kitty used to the garment by playing with her or giving her a treat while holding the clothing near her. Continue distracting her with treats while gently easing her into the clothing.


Cuddles and more cuddles

The easiest and most pleasurable way to keep yourself and your cat warm during winter is to share your body heat. If your cat seeks out your warmth when she’s chilly, enjoying a loving cuddle on the couch together while binging your favourite series, may well be the best way to spend a cold winter’s night.

If it doesn’t interfere with your sleep, you can let her cosy up to you in bed, and dispense with the heat pack or hot water bottle!


Warm up the house

If your house is dark, cold and draughty, your are likely to have an unhappy cat. Kitties love soaking up the sun, and particularly the winter sun streaming through a closed window. Be sure to leave curtains open during the day to allow in any sunlight that may provide extra warmth.

A sunny perch with a view outside may be just the thing for a cold but clear winter’s day.

Cat Window Lounger from Pet Partner PAWPAWUP


To avoid toileting accidents and litter tray aversion, be sure to keep the litter tray in a warm spot so your cat can toilet comfortably. The laundry or bathroom may be just too cold for her liking!

Depending on the indoor temperature, you may need to purchase a pet-safe heater. Avoid gas heaters, as there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning for cats; electric heaters with concealed heating elements are a better option. You may also need a humidifier as artificial heating can cause dry and itchy skin for you and your cat.


Keep her active

Bolt Laser Light Cat Toy from Pet Partner PetSafe


Just like us, cats feel warmer when they’re active. Winter is a good time to provide toys that will encourage exercise and boost her body temperature. Set aside a little time every day for some interactive fun with your cat and encourage her to run and jump.

Invite her to swat at a fishing pole toy, hunt a mouse toy or chase ping pong balls. Some cats love an obstacle course of cardboard boxes and paper bags, while others like nothing more than chasing a laser pointer or swatting at bubbles blown from a bubble wand.

See our article Cat play and toys – it’s not just fun & games!


Cat bedding

Plush Cuddler Pet Bed

Pet Partner Modern Pets has a range of fabulous cat beds to choose from, including this luxurious, ultra plush, faux fur cuddler pet bed. High round walls provide warmth and a sense of security, making it a perfect choice for cold winter nights. The cover can be removed and machine washed on a gentle cycle.

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PETKIT Deep Sleep Cat Bed

Available from Pet Partner the Illawara Cat Rescue Support Shop, you will be supporting their valuable work and keeping your cat warm and comfy with the Deep Sleep Cat Bed. Especially designed for cats, it has a unique memory foam interior and a removable thickened chenille fabric cover that is easy to clean.

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Lambkin sleeping mat


This portable Lambkin Pet Sleeping Mat from Pet Partner PawPawUp can simply be placed on the floor or on top your kitty’s bed as a soft and comfy mattress. Made from quality sheepfold velvet, it is super-soft on top and non-slip underneath, and is suitable for pets under 10kg.

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