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Award-winning pet insurance

It can take only a minute. Without us realising, our curious pets can pick up a bit of human food that may be dangerous, or nibble on a plant and quickly become ill. We can never take our pets’ health for granted and it pays to be prepared.

Pet Insurance can help ease the burden of unexpected vet bills from accidents and illnesses, allowing you to focus on getting the best treatment for your fur baby without worrying about how you will pay for it.

Bow Wow Meow is proud to have been chosen by Product Review as Pet Insurance Award winners for the past 6 years running and to have received the Finder award for Best Value Pet Insurance in 2024. We offer a range of flexible pet insurance plans to suit our customers’ needs and budgets, and are underwritten by Australia’s leading pet insurer.

  • Up to 80% rebate on vet bills
  • Comprehensive cover for poisoning
  • No excess
  • Lifetime Cover4
  • Fast and easy claim processing with GapOnly® payment option
  • 24/7 complimentary VetChat access

Testimonials from our pet parents

Our beautiful dog Charli is now 7 years old and has had to have 4 major operations to remove benign lumps. Bow Wow Meow (which we have had for over 7 years) has covered 80% of these costs each time which was an enormous financial help for us. The service has been outstanding and we have had absolutely no issues in resolving the claim. It was a simple, stress free process. Our pet insurance has been a lifesaver for us and the best thing we did."
Amanda's beloved Border Collie x Kelpie, Charli, has repeatedly had benign lumps growing on her body, each of which has required expensive surgery to remove. She says that her Bow Wow policy has been a lifesaver.
When our cat Leo suddenly started drooling and vomiting, we didn't know what had happened. It took us a while to figure out that he had eaten some lily plants in the garden of our neighbours' house. After rushing Leo to the vet, we were able to get him the treatment he needed but were shocked by the bills. We were very glad that we had insured him as a kitten and were able to claim back the vet bills from Bow Wow Meow."
Leonardo the domestic shorthair cat was treated for poisoning after eating some highly toxic lily plants. His family were very grateful to get over $1,100 back from Bow Wow Meow for his vet treatment.
A few years ago, our newly adopted Australian Sheppard Sunny, cleverly opened a childproof bottle of gout medication and a bottle of herbal sleeping tablets and consumed them all. The animal hospital said she had a 30% chance of survival and, had she been a smaller dog, she would certainly not have made it. She remained in hospital for the week where she was treated and nursed back to health. The entire stay plus all the intervention and assistance to keep Sunny alive was covered by Bow Wow Meow, with almost $3,000 reimbursed to us with no fuss. Sunny is going to be 12 next month and is in perfect health. Hopefully we will have many more years with her and we are so grateful she got a second chance.”
Lara and Paul's Aussie Sheppard Sunny nearly died after she ate gout medication and sleeping tablets. Bow Wow Meow paid out over almost $3,000 for her treatment to get her back to full health.

CAR Members get your first 2 months free!*

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*To get this offer, use promo code CARP2 

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