Product Guide: Dog Coats

Summer has passed and the nights are getting cooler – it won’t be long before winter is in full swing, and if you can feel the cold, so can your dog.  So, here are our picks for the most comfortable, functional and stylish dog coats & jumpers.


Thundershirt – $39.95

This revolutionary product is not your average dog coat. Thundershirt is a proven, drug-free anxiety, fear and excitement reducer for dogs with a success rate of over 80%. It works by gently applying constant (yet comfortable) pressure to the dog, just like swaddling an infant. As you could probably guess from the name, the coat is great for assisting dogs with anxiety and fear during thunderstorms, loud wind, fireworks and other noises which may trigger a reaction. At $39.95, it’s a very reasonable price for a product which could cure your dog’s anxiety!


Tru Blu Driza-Bone Dog Coat – from $75 at DOGUE

Australia is known for its harsh climate and unpredictable weather patterns. This attractive coat is guaranteed to outlast the wettest and windiest days and keep your dog dry as a bone, and because it’s Driza-Bone, you know you’ll be getting a quality, long-lasting product. It’s made of Driza-Bone Cotton Oilskin fabric and lined with a lightweight and breathable cotton so your dog is wrapped in comfort whilst being protected from whatever the weather throws at it!


FuzzYard Grey Stripe Wrap Dog Coat – from $29.95 at Waggle

Keep your pooch snug and stylish in this wrap coat from FuzzYard. With a 100% cotton shell and extra-soft polyester lining, this coat couldn’t be any easier to wash. It features an easy-to-attach Velcro strap which stretches, so if you have a growing pooch or simply a dog who love to eat, the coat will adapt. It comes in 9 other colours (see the FuzzYard website) and 7 sizes, so your dog’s coat can be just as unique as its wearer!


PawsAboard Doggy Life Jacket – from $44.95 at Mammoth Pet Supplies

If you like to bring your pup along with you on nautical adventures, a life jacket is essential. The PawsAboard Doggy Life Jacket is perfect for the dog who loves to swim (not to mention learning to swim!). It features a fast-drying mesh underbelly, adjustable nylon straps with easy-to-release buckles and reflective panels for visibility in low light. Best of all, there’s a handle at the top in the event you ever need to quickly pluck your dog out of the water. The jacket comes in 5 sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large.


Chilly Vest – $49.95 from RSPCA World for Pets

Summer may have passed, but it’s never too late to start preparing for the next bout of brutally hot weather. Aussie dogs have it particularly hard, with temperatures often exceeding 40 degrees Celsius during summer. The Chilly Vest is a great way to keep your dog cool during hot weather and potentially prevent heat stroke. Originally these types of coats were designed for military dogs stationed in hot countries to keep them cool while on duty. This vest contains four easy-to-remove gel freezer packs so you can keep even the hottest dog comfortable in warm temperatures.

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