Christmas presents for your dog – The gifts our pooches really want!

The ultimate wish list curated by our dogs

With Christmas approaching, you may be looking for the perfect present for your furry friend or family member. While there are lots of ideas out there that excite us, we thought it would be more helpful to put a list together of 10 pawsome gifts that your dog would be really excited to find under the Christmas tree!

So we’ve scoured Bow Wow’s Pet Partners for the perfect Christmas gifts for dogs.


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And we asked the Bow Wow team’s fur friends what they really want for Christmas.

Our list is compiled by:

Benji, the rescue German Spitz

benji german spitz on rock

Twiggy, the crazy Whippet

twiggy whippet

Dobby, the mystery rescue dog
(Kelpie cross?!)

Suvee, the blue-eyed Border Collie

Best Christmas dog gifts (as suggested by the Bow Wow dogs)


1. Christmas Dog Treats!

We have to say, while treats are a firm favourite of all the Bow Wow canines, we (the humans) are kind of fussy about what we feed our dogs. We look after our own diets well, so why not do the same for our furry friends? So, we’re generally pretty selective when it comes to buying treats for our dogs.

Clear Dog Treats is one of the biggest natural treat suppliers in Australia – the quality of their products is fantastic, ingredients are all sourced in Australia and New Zealand, and they make sure they only include what is needed and leave out all the nasties.

Best of all, they have a Christmas Treat Pack Special for $49.99, which equates to 35% off the total if you purchase the items individually. It comprises 11 to 13 different types of dog treats and is available either for small to medium dogs or for medium to large dogs.

Despite saying she has no favourites, we secretly know that Suvee would dig “a tunnel to China” for a roo jerky stick, and even fussy Twiggy wouldn’t turn her nose up at a chicken wing tip.

Buy the Christmas Treat Pack Special here




Pet partner Huds and Toke is another quality Aussie pet treat business that gets into the Christmas spirit with a huge range of delicious festive season dog treats! Beautifully hand decorated, their dog treats may look like cakes and candy but are in fact all-natural nutty based biscuits coated in low-fat yoghurt, no melt frosting and decorated with dog-friendly swirls or sprinkles. They have a hard baked base and hard frosting designed specifically for increased chew time. Priced from $4.95 (single piece) upwards, depending on pack size / quantity.

Note: Some of the treats contain wheat and/or dairy. Consult the ingredients list for each item in case your dog has any allergies or sensitivities.

View the Christmas dog treats range here


2. Automatic Ball Launcher

A fabulous gift to keep your doggo active, entertained and amused, this automatic ball launcher is from pet partner PetSafe. The ultimate present for dogs who love to play fetch, it will keep your best friend engaged and give your arm a little break. Priced at $268.79.

Buy it here


3. Aussie Made Christmas Bundle

Treat your best friend this Christmas with an all Australian-made gift pack for pups from pet partner The Paws Room. This pack is a gift for you too, at just $55.00 – that’s 50% off RRP.  The bundle includes:

  • 1 x Paws Room calming spray
  • 1 x Paws Room hemp rope toy
  • 1 x Handmade ceramic kibble scoop
  • 1 x Pupperdog hemp rope lead
  • 1 x Organic Dog Co Christmas treats

Buy it here


4. Christmas stocking with treats

Food-loving dogs will go crazy for this adorable felt Christmas stocking filled with awesome treats from pet partner Huds and Toke, and at only $13.00, this pup-themed stocking is a win-win gift! If your pooch loves treats, you can always order more to keep her happy all year round, not just during the festive season.

Suvee says, if your dog loves treats as much as I do, this stocking is sure to be a hit!

Buy it here


5. Snowman chew toy and slow feeder

Designed for tough chewing, the limited edition Snowman from pet partner Rover Pet Products is made of 100% natural proprietary latex and is biodegradable, sustainable and non-toxic. The Snowman can be frozen to provide a cooling treat on a hot day and is dishwasher safe. Recommended for dogs from 14 to 27kg, it’s priced at $28.95.

The Snowman is a firm favourite of Dobby the rescue dog, especially when stuffed with frozen banana chunks and peanut butter!

Buy it here


6. Christmas Jigglerz Santa by ZippyPaws

Introduce your doggo to a new way to squeak this festive season with a ZippyPaws Jigglerz Santa from pet partner Two Moodles. Jiggerz are made with ZippyPaws exclusive noisemakers that squeak when shaken, while crinkle paper inside head and tail makes them even more fun for dogs. Stuffing-free, it is lined with an extra layer of tough Cordura material and cross-stitched for durability. Priced at $20.95.

Jigglerz Santa comes with a high approval rating from Benji, who loves to carry it around and every so often gives it a shake to make it squeak.

Buy it here


7. Christmas themed dog gear and accessories

Deck out your dog in style for the festive season with Christmas themed harnesses, collars, leads, bow ties, bandanas, bag holders and more from pet partner Pawfect Pals. Cute, cruelty-free and made from high quality fabrics and/or vegan PU leather that is sturdy and fade-resistant. Available in a wide range of sizes and priced at $27 for individual collars and leads and at $127 for complete bundles.

Browse the Christmas collection here


8. Santa Sack

Get your pup into the Christmas spirit with a personalised Santa Sack from pet parner Big and Little Dogs. Made from calico material and measuring 39cm by 46cm, the sack can be stuffed full of yummy treats or other stocking fillers. Add your dog’s name in a glitter colour and font of your choice and you can also choose whether to tick the “Naughty” box or the “Nice” one, depending which best describes your pooch! Around $30 with personalisation or $15 without.

Twiggy the whippet gave the Santa Sack her seal of approval because we filled it with her favourite treats! 

Buy it here


9. Jingle Bells Set

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… Get your doggy’s Christmas jingle going with this Jingle Bells set from pet partner DoggyTopia. The perfect accessories for photo’s and Christmas parties, it comes with one stretchy collar and four leg cuffs, made from soft red velour and finished with gold bells. Available in two sizes; priced at $19.95.

A comment from Dobby: “As much as I love the jingly noises, I also want to bite off the bells on the leg cuffs, so I need to be supervised while wearing them”.

Buy it here


10. Limited Edition Value Pack

This gift from Pet Partner Stinky Dog is not specifically for Christmas, but it will have your pooch smelling like roses over the festive season and beyond. This Aussie pet hygiene business is offering a Limited Edition Starter Pack, which includes $127 of value for only $99.00. The Stinky Dog Cleansing & Refreshing collection has been professionally formulated to cleanse and refresh all breeds of dogs and puppies.

Buy it here


Bonus gift: You! You! You!

Some special time with you, their human buddy, is what many of our furry buddies crave the most. No surprise there, after all, dogs and humans have formed a bond for almost 14,000 years. Well, some say it’s been 6,400 years, but given the span of your and my lifetime that difference probably doesn’t really matter much. Give your dog the present of some you-time and he will be eternally grateful!

kerstin keimling k9fun and benji german spitz in tasmania

For some rewarding quality time together, consider signing up for a training course at your local dog training school.

Some options to consider:

  • If your dog loves sniffing, K9 Nosework is great.
  • Or the team work in agility or trick training could be perfect for your pooch and you.
  • Or do your pooch and you need to refresh your inter-species communication skills with an obedience and manners course?

Whatever it is, most courses provide you with a set weekly date that you and your pooch can go on together.

Or maybe a holiday together is more in order? A camping, hike or a beach (holi)day could be the perfect opportunity to get out and about and explore the world together.


Whatever it is you get your pooch for Christmas, make sure it matters to them, and to you.


The team at Bow Wow Meow wishes you and your family including all your beautiful pets a wonderful festive season and all the best for the next year.


Through our Bow Wow Benefits Program, Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance policy holders can obtain exclusive discounts from our Pet Partners at checkout. To access the discount codes, see your latest edition of our Pet Talk newsletter and click on the link to the Bow Wow Benefits page.



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