Christmas presents for your cat – The gifts our kitties really want!

The ultimate feline wish list

With Christmas fast approaching, you may still be looking for the perfect present for your furry feline friend. While there are lots of ideas out there that excite us, we thought it would be more helpful to put a list together of 10 pawsome gifts that your cat would be really excited to find under the Christmas tree!

So we’ve scoured Bow Wow’s Pet Partners for the perfect Christmas gifts for cats.

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1. ZeZe Christmas Train Cat Climbing Frame and House

Your kitties will have a ball this Christmas with this fabulous choo choo train climbing frame and hidey-house from Pet Partner PawPawUp, which can accommodate 2 to 4 cats playing at the same time.

The train’s chimney and other sisal material accessories allow cats to unleash their claw-sharpening nature, while the natural jute rope is tightly wound, resistant to grasp and does not hurt the paws. The hanging ball makes a rustling sound. The high-quality, natural fabrics are soft and comfy and dyes used are eco-friendly.

With a price tag of around $220, this isn’t a cheap gift but it can provide hours of priceless enrichment and entertainment for your cat.

Buy it here


2. Cat Christmas stocking with treats

Food-loving cats will go crazy for this felt Christmas stocking filled with awesome treats from Pet Partner Huds and Toke, and at only $13.00, this cat-themed stocking is a win-win gift! If your kitty loves the treats, you can always order them separately to keep her happy all year round, not just during the festive season.

Buy the Cat Christmas stocking here (choose the red stocking design for cats)

Buy additional cat treats here


3. Cat Treats Advent Calendar

This Advent Calendar filled with delicious Christmas cat treats is a great gift option from Pet Partner Pet Obsessed. There are 25 bite-sized treats made from 100 % Australian chicken and turkey with cranberry which are soft with a chewy texture, packed full of nutrients and gluten-free. 100% With recyclable packaging and priced at $27.50, what’s not to love about it?

Buy it here


4. Cat Christmas Stocking with Toys

For play-loving cats who prefer toys to treats, this Christmas Stocking from Pet Partner Illawarra Cat Rescue Support Shop may well be the perfect Christmas gift this year. Priced at $12.50, it contains interactive toys that your cat will love.

By purchasing from this not for profit charity shop, you’ll be helping to support rescue cats and kittens in the Illawarra region.

Buy it here


5. Dancing Dot™ Laser Cat Toy

A fabulous gift to keep your kitty active, entertained and amused, this laser cat toy is from Pet Partner PetSafe. With two play mode options and a random, moving laser display that is completely safe for your cat to play with, you can simply place it on a flat, raised surface or hang it on a doorknob. Priced at $42.99.

Buy it here


6. Cat Christmas bandana

Get your kitty in the Christmas spirit with the “Merry Christmas” cat bandana from Pet Partner Big and Little Dogs. Made from a lightweight material and stylishly adorned with an optional custom print in a vinyl colour of your choice. From around $12, additional costs applicable depending on vinyl colour selected for personalisation.

Buy it here


7. Cat shampoo

This gift from Pet Partner Stinky Dog is not specifically for Christmas, but it will have your kitty smelling like roses over the festive season. This Aussie pet hygiene business has recently launched the Stinky Dog Cat & Kitten collection, which includes a softening shampoo and a waterless shampoo that have been specially formulated for felines.

Buy it here


8. Christmas-themed cat collar

Deck out your kitty-cat in style for the festive season with a Mistletoe cat collar from Pet Partner Pawfect Pals. It is cute, cruelty-free and made from high quality vegan PU leather that is sturdy and fade-resistant. This cat collar won’t irritate the skin and is adjustable to fit necks from 12cm to 25cm. Priced at $22.

Buy it here


9. Christmas Themed Cat Sticks

These Christmas Themed Cat Sticks from Pet Partner PawPawUp will provide hours of interactive festive fun for you and your feline family members.

With a price tag of just $4.80 each, you can choose your favourite one or buy them all! These cute cat sticks have 30cm long sticks, are durable and suitable for all cats.

Buy them here


10. Cat treats

Fill your cat’s bowl or stocking with some delicious, healthy Australian made treats for a special festive celebration. Or simply scatter them around the living room for a Christmas treasure hunt!


Bonus free gift: You! You! You!

Some special time with you, their human buddy, is what many of our furry friends crave the most. No surprise there, after all, cats and humans have been bonding for around 10,000 years. Give your cat the present of some you-time and she will be eternally grateful!

Whatever it is you get your kitty for Christmas, make sure it matters to them, and to you.


The team at Bow Wow Meow wishes you and your family including all your beautiful pets a wonderful festive season and all the best for the next year.


Through our Bow Wow Benefits Program, Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance policy holders can obtain exclusive discounts from our Pet Partners at checkout. To access the discount codes, see your latest edition of our Pet Talk newsletter and click on the link to the Bow Wow Benefits page.

A pet insurance policy with Bow Wow Meow will help ensure you can always afford to give your cat the best treatment.




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