A Christmas gift guide for dog lovers

Dog Lady Christmas

We’ve all got this one friend who is totally nuts about dogs right? So what should you get this crazy dog lover for Christmas?

Yes, they may appreciate a present for their dog, but we also have some great gift ideas that will hit the mark for dog lovers themselves.

These items don’t just make great presents, they will do well in any dog lover’s home!

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Dog-themed Jewellery

The perfect present for the dog crazy fashionista amongst us –  doggy jewellery that shows their love and dedication to their favourite breed! Pet Partner DoggyTopia has an affordable selection of pendants and earrings for lovers of all sorts of breeds made of gold and silver plated zinc alloy. Some of our favourites are:

Dog Pendant Necklace – Bulldog

(priced around AUD $15)

Shop the DoggyTopia dog jewellery range here


It ain’t Christmas without my…(insert fave breed) T-shirt

“It Ain’t Christmas Without My ….” T-shirt is available from Pet Partner Big and Little Dogs and is the perfect gift for your favourite dog mum. The wording is applied on front in your choice of vinyl colour (black, white, gold foil or red foil), while the 100% combed cotton T-shirt is available in white and green; women’s sizing XS to 2XL.

(around AUD $55)

Shop here


Doog Walkie Belt

Doog Walkie Belt

Which dog owner hasn’t experienced this situation…you’re out walking your dog and he does his business. You reach in your pocket only to find that you’ve left your poo bags in the other jacket at home, along with dog treats and cash for your coffee!

This fantastic belt solves all these problems: It’s a stylish bum bag for you to store all items that you need on your doggy walks. Leave at your front door with your keys and the leash and you will never forget a thing! Comes in a wide range of great colours.

(around AUD $40)

More info


Wine Dogs Australia

Wherever good wine is made, you’re likely to find a dog scouting the tasting room or winery. The ‘Wine Dogs Australia’ series features wineries across Australia with stunning photos of their loyal pooches. Along the way, the mutts and purebreds are interspersed with a foreword and cartoons by legendary Australian artist Michael Leunig.

(around AUD $35)

More info


Peter Alexander’s Christmas PJ’s

Gifts for dog lovers Bow Wow Meow


Peter Alexander’s “Christmas with the Party Animals Cats & Dogs Collection” once again expresses the iconic Aussie designer’s long-standing obsession with all things canine. Whether a gift for ourselves, our partners or the kids, there is something for dog lovers of all sizes and ages. Warning – some of it is just too cute to only wear in bed!

Browse the Christmas with the Party Animals Cats & Dogs Collection


Couch throw

A couch throw from our Pet Partner Indie Boho is the perfect gift for protecting your favourite dog lover’s favourite couch from shedding fur, messy treats or dirty paws.

Stylish and practical, the couch throw is available in a range of beautiful designs, and is machine washable and durable. Sheet size approximately 210 x 140cm (note it may not cover arm rests on a 2.5 seater lounge).

Browse the Indie Boho couch throw collection


‘I’M A DOG PERSON’ mug & dog bowl set


Enjoy your hot cup of brew while your pooch tucks into to his favourite dish and enjoy spending time with your favourite creature on earth. This adorable best friend breakfast set contains a matching mug and dog bowl. They are so cute together that we couldn’t resist getting one ourselves.

(around AUD $40)

More info


Lilac Smiley Flowers Blanket Hoodie

When you cross a hoodie with a blanket, you get … a soft and cosy hooded human blanket! And this one from Pet Partner Pooch Luxury is adorable, featuring smiley flowers on a lilac background. Gift this present to your dog loving friend and you can even purchase a matching doggie onesie for their four-legged companion. Made from soft polyester fleece & sherpa fleece inside. One size fits most.

Oodies make the perfect present and comes wrapped in a bow, ready to gift.

(around AUD $90)

Buy the blanket hoodie here

Buy the doggie onesie here


Personalised socks – from the dog

socks from the dog

This is the ultimate Christmas present FROM the dog – a pair of quirky personalised Christmas socks! These socks are the perfect gift this Christmas for any household with a furry four legged member.

Dogs are notorious for getting lots of fun from laundry and socks in particular – this pair is a lovely way to celebrate our cheeky pups and get them to give something back.

This product is individually printed with a personalised message and the name of the dog.

(around AUD $40)

More info


The dog and me pillow cases

dog and me pillow case

This very stylish set of pillowcases designed by Ellie Ellie in Sussex UK, is the perfect present for any dog lover sharing the bed with their pooch. It won’t guarantee that the dog won’t take over the entire bed (as they like to do) but labelling the side where the pooch should rest his head is definitely worth a try!

(around AUD$ 70)

More info


Through our Bow Wow Benefits Program, Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance policy holders can obtain exclusive discounts from our Pet Partners at checkout. To access the discount codes, see your latest edition of our Pet Talk newsletter and click on the link to the Bow Wow Benefits page.


Always a great idea: Donate the gift of life to dogs in Australian rescues and animal shelters

While you’re enjoying the festivities of the Christmas Season with your fur family, why not consider helping animal shelters and rescue organisations look after and find homes for other less fortunate dogs?

Many dog lovers would be more than happy to take the time out to volunteer or for donations to be made on their behalf to animal charities. There’s no better gift to give or receive than knowing that you’ve helped contribute to Australia’s efforts to give all adoptable and rescue dogs a forever home.

Here are some of the many rescue organisations out there desperately needing assistance and donations.








Happy Christmas Shopping!

We hope this guide has helped you to find the perfect gift for your family and dog crazy friends. Please share it with other like-minded pet people! ?

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