A Christmas gift guide for cat lovers

Christmas gift guide Bow Wow Meow

Do you have a crazy cat person in your life? A cat lover who eats, breathes and sleeps in the bed with their cats? Then we have just what you need to find them the purrfect creative cat merchandise this Christmas!  


Cat Lover Keychain

Gifts for cat lovers Bow Wow Meow

The perfect present for any cat lover.  This key chain from Pet Partner Henlo Pets comes with polished coloured enamel charms, a jump ring and carabiner clip. A gift box is included.

(around AUD $25)

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Cat themed T-shirt

Gifts for cat lovers Bow Wow Meow

Who needs another T-shirt? Cat lovers do! Cafe Press has a great range of cute and fun cat-themed T-shirts for men and women. This T will make a valuable addition to any cat mum’s wardrobe – it’s available in a range of colours and 4 different styles: value, classic, deluxe and v-neck.

(around AUD $40 depending on style)

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‘The Grumpy Guide to Life’ book

‘The Grumpy Guide to Life’ book

Who doesn’t know the Grumpy Cat? Or at least a grumpy cat?! This book is the perfect present for all cat owners with a good sense of humour.

Hardback, around AUD $30.

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Soft Cuddle Kitten plush toy

Soft Cuddle Kitten plush toy

Available from Myer in your choice of ginger (pictured), black or grey, signature Cuddle Kittens are quite simply adorable, with sad “love me” eyes, weighted paws and a soft floppy body that cries out to be hugged! We’re sure these will be every child’s – and child-at-heart’s – best-loved toy!

(around AUD $30)

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Matching mug and pet bowl set

Gifts for cat lovers Bow Wow Meow

For the pet owner who likes to coordinate with their cat, you can’t go past this cute and stylish, matching ceramic mug (for the human) and bowl (for the pet) from Pet Partner PawPawUp

(around AUD $28)

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Stretchy stripy cat socks

These stripy cat socks from Pet Partner the Illawarra Cat Rescue Shop come up past the ankle and feature a cute cat face on the toes and heel. They are made from stretch cotton and fit EU 35-40 or 6-9 women in AU sizing.

(around AUD $6 per pair)

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The Oatmeal book ‘How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you’

How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you book

If your cat is kneading you, that’s not a sign of affection. Your cat is actually checking your internal organs for weakness. If your cat brings you a dead animal, this isn’t a gift, it’s a warning. ‘How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You’ is a hilarious, brilliant offering of comics, facts, and instructional guides about crazy cat behaviours from the creative wonderland at TheOatmeal.com.

(around AUD $20)

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‘Pussweek’ issues (several editions)

Another great Aussie-made product: ‘Pussweek’ is a collectable coffee table magazine written by cats, for cats. Humans have Vogue and GQ, cats have ‘Pussweek’. Each issue of ‘Pussweek’ is different, yet equally hilarious, and essential litter-box reading. Content includes pawparazzi pics, quizzes, extreme sports, advice, feline empowerment tips, top 20 lists, pawroscopes, gripping articles, real life stories, D.I.Y. tips and even nude centrefolds!

‘Pussweek’ is a printed book of the highest quality, so your cat can chew on it and/or sleep on it when you’re done!

(around AUD $13 per issue)

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Van Cat Meow 2024 Calendar

Gifts for cat lovers Bow Wow Meow

If you are into cats, you probably have heard of Rich & Willow, the little black adventure cat. When Rich quit his job, sold all his belongings and started a road trip with his rescue cat Willow, he didn’t know where this change of lifestyle will take the two of them. Since then, Willow has become somewhat of an icon. So much so, that there is a book and a new 2024 calendar available with 12 amazing shots of Willow.

(around AUD $32)

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Peter Alexander’s Christmas PJ’s

Gifts for dog lovers Bow Wow Meow


Peter Alexander’s “Christmas with the Party Animals Cats & Dogs Collection” once again expresses the iconic Aussie designer’s long-standing obsession with all things feline. Whether a gift for ourselves, our partners or the kids, there is something for cat lovers of all sizes and ages. Warning – some of it is just too cute to only wear in bed!

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Do You Look Like Your Cat? memory game

Pair up the cats with their humans in this hilarious card game. Fifty cards depict fun photographs of cats and owners, and humorous texts are included in the booklet to provide clues about 25 people and their furry best friends. Play as a memory game with the cards face down for added entertainment. Collect the most pairs to win!

(around AUD $30)

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Always a great option: Donate the gift of life to cats in rescue and at animal shelters

While you’re enjoying the festivities of the Christmas Season with your fur family, why not consider helping out a cat in an animal shelter or rescue organisation?

Many cat lovers would would be more than happy to take the time out to volunteer or for donations to be made to animal charities this Christmas time. There’s no better gift to give or receive than knowing that you’ve helped contribute to Australia’s efforts to give all rescue and adoptable cats a forever home.

Here are some of the many rescue organisations out there desperately needing your assistance:







Happy Christmas Shopping!

We hope this Christmas gift guide has helped you to find the purrfect cat gift ideas for your cat crazy friends. Please share it with other like-minded pet people! ?


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