Which pet insurance option is best for your pet?

We’ve put together a range of insurance options for your best friend. Here’s how our policies work.

The basics (Accident only)

All plans cover care for accidents:

Specialist care

Consults & visits ($300 limit)

After-hours emergency visits

Laboratory & diagnostic tests


Medicines & drugs


Cruciate ligament conditions

As well as:

Free Bow Wow Meow pet tag

Emergency boarding fees

Overseas pet travel insurance

Pre-existing condition waiver


No waiting period*

Add illness cover (Comprehensive)

Care (as listed in Accident Only Option) also provided for illnesses including:

Hereditary/congenital conditions^


Skin conditions (eg allergies)

Ear/eye conditions

Gastrointestinal problems

Infectious diseases

Tick paralysis

30 days waiting period for illness conditions*
^ Excluding pre-existing conditions

your limit & excess

For more affordable cover, you can select a higher per condition excess :

Or lower annual benefit limit:


Not sure?
Don’t worry! Once you’ve filled in your pet’s details you’ll be able to change any of these options and see how your premiums change.


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How do you compare pet insurance plans?

Our pet insurance plans offer flexible policies at competitive prices, ensuring you can get the right cover for your dog or cat at the right price.

The following explanation of our different policy types will help you to compare pet insurance options.

The Basics – Accident only cover

  • As the name suggests, this covers up to 80% of eligible vet fees on all Accident related conditions (as defined in our Product Disclosure Statement). Examples include expenses related to treating injuries from car accidents, snake bites, falls, burns, and even allergic reactions to insect bites (excluding ticks and fleas).
  • Since there is no illness cover with this plan, it is considered a basic policy and this is reflected in the premiums.
  • Premiums for this policy can be compared by choosing from our two different excesses options of $0 and $100.
  • The Accident Only plan comes with an annual benefit limit of $8,000.

Accident + Illness cover

  • As well as including all features of the Accident Only cover outlined above, this policy will also assist with up to 80% of eligible vet bills when your pet requires treatment for one of many illnesses.
  • Illnesses covered includes gastroenteritis, cancer treatment, skin conditions, hereditary health problems and other infectious diseases.
  • As with all policies compared in the market, cover for pre-existing conditions is excluded. Furthermore, conditions that can be vaccinated against are also excluded from your policy.
  • Accident and Illness cover is provided within two of our plan types – our Comprehensive Plan and the Major Medical Plans.
  • These essentially provide the same type of cover with the only exception being the per-condition excess amounts.
  • Our Major Medical Plan has the highest excess of $500 and accordingly is the lower priced policy when compared with the Comprehensive plan, which has excess options of $Nil, $100 and $200.
  • Both policies have an annual benefit limit of $8,000 and $12,000.
  • Both our Major Medical and Comprehensive policies cover chronic, reoccurring and ongoing illnesses for life, as detailed in our product disclosure statement.
  • Optional Routine Care Cover is available with our Accident and Illness policies. This includes limited benefits for items like vaccinations and regular vet check-ups.

* Six months waiting period applies for cruciate conditions unless your vet certifies that no cruciate conditions exist on joining.
Note – All policy options include: 21 day cooling off period. Premiums refunded if your pet dies

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