Planning the perfect birthday for your cat – let’s party!


We all love a celebration….and what better excuse to plan the purrfect purrty than your kitty’s birthday!?

Pet birthday celebrations are growing in popularity and, in case you are thinking of planning a party or doing something special to commemorate the occasion, we’ve put together our top tips to make your cat’s next birthday one to remember.

Kitty cats will most likely prefer an intimate gathering to celebrate at home, so here are our tips for a low-key but nevertheless memorable event.


Birthday dining

cat and soft toy celebrating birthday

We all know that some cats can be a bit fussy when it comes to their food.  Don’t despair, here’s a special cat friendly birthday cake recipe from Mother Nature Network that you might like to try…. it’s sure to get even the most discerning cats purring for more!

What you’ll need:
3/4 can tuna or salmon
3 tablespoons shredded cheese
3 tablespoons flour
1 egg

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Break up tuna or salmon if necessary.
Mix ingredients together. Scoop batter into two cups of a greased muffin pan.
Bake for 15-20 minutes.

If you’d like to get a little more festive, you can top the cake with a gravy “icing” or garnish with a cooked shrimp or a pinch of catnip. Be sure to let the cake cool before serving.  If your cat has trouble biting into the cake, you can break it up to make it easier to bite and chew.

Need more food ideas? Here’s another recipe for a Tuna Birthday cake or you could watch this video that contains instructions on how to make Kitty Cat Cakes.

Also, always remember to have plenty of fresh water for the guest of honour.


No time to make your own?

Outsource the ‘cat-ering’ to our Pet Partner Huds and Toke who have a selection of 100% Australian made Cat Treats, including Chicken Breast Cat TreatFish Nibble Cat TreatTuna Fish Pet TreatsLittle Fish Pet Treats and the ultimate indulgence, birthday-worthy Green Lipped Mussels Cat Treats!


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Dressing for the occasion

Huds and Toke also supplies party dress ups to really jazz up the event and make the occasion Insta-worthy. Think party hats with pom poms, glitzy bowties and sparkly  collars, or go all out with the ultimate plush Happy Birthday Cake hat, available in pink or blue!


Birthday fun and games

Cats often enjoy interactive play with their owners, so spending some time with your cat on their birthday and having fun together will really make the day extra special. Here are some suggestions for simple games you and your kitty can play together:

  • Purchase some hollow plastic eggs and insert one or two small objects in each that will make rattling noises when your cat bats them around on the floor.
  • Fill treat dispenser balls with some birthday treats and let your cat ‘hunt‘ out the food.
  • Wrap some treats or new toy in wrapping paper and let your cat try to open the present and find the prize inside. Some cats might also enjoy playing with the paper and the rustling sound it makes.
  • Tie a string to a soft toy and pull it around the room or garden, simulating the movements of “prey” for your cat to stalk (this one usually is very popular!). You could also attach the toy to a toy fishing rod and dangle it above his or her head, just out of reach. Watch your cat jump and bounce around while attempting to catch the toy. Allow him or her to catch and “kill” the toy from time to time to prevent frustration!
  • Turn a ping-pong ball into a fun birthday activity by simply tossing it against the floor or wall for your cat to attempt to catch or have a swipe at.


Finding the purrfect gift

There’s a wide variety of gifts out there but sometimes it’s hard to find just the right one for your furr baby. After all, you need one that suits your kitty’s personality and style as well as your budget and living space.

Here are some fabulous cat birthday gift ideas from our Pet Partners – we’re pretty sure there’s an ideal match for every cat!


Tunnels and hidey holes

Most cats enjoy running and hiding in indoor tunnels.  We think the ultimate birthday gift for these kitties is this Mult-Functional Large Cat Tunnel from Pet Partner PawPawUp, which has a variety of layout options and ways to play. Perfect for a few party games … and for snuggling up for a nap in after the festivities have ended!

Lasers and teasers

Many cats love chasing and playing games. An interactive cat toy from PetSafe will keep your kitty active and entertained, whether you’re home or away. Choose from a selection of laser toys and cat teaser toys, with prices around $40 to $50.


Climbers and scratchers

Why not invest in a fabulous and functional toy that will appeal to your kitty’s natural instincts, such as a Cat Tree Scratching Post?  There’s plenty of choice out there, but we really like the huge range from Pet Partner Pawz, many of which are multi-functional and designed to encourage climbing, jumping, scratching and interactive play.


Style and sophistication

If your kitty oozes class, sophistication and ‘je ne sais quoi’, you can’t go wrong with a Designer Cat Collar in soft leather featuring stunning Swarovski crystals! Available from Pet Partner Mini Pet in a range of colours for $30.50.



Toys and more toys…

The Cat and Kitten Toy Pack from Illawarra Cat Rescue Support includes twenty-two toys that your kitty will love! This bulk cat toy pack is great value at $29.99 and you will be helping to support cats in need with your purchase.


For the cat who enjoys a bit of everything…

The Kitty Hamper from Pet Obsessed includes premium toys, yummy cat treats, a glitter collar  and litter scoop. Each hamper is  designed to make you kitty happy, entertained and stimulated. They retail for $69 (valued over $100).


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Capturing the moment 

Capturing your kitty’s special day is easy.  Take candid snaps and videos on your phone or with a camera and remember to upload them to social media so all your friends and family can enjoy.  You could also hire a professional pet photographer to take some portrait shots to keep forever.

Kitty may also have his or her own social media profile so why not share their images with their friends, fans and followers? And of course, we’d love you to share them with us! Who knows, the birthday boy/girl could become the next social media sensation!


Share the celebrations

Our pets are a huge part of our lives and much loved members of our family and the chance to celebrate their milestones is important.  We hope this article has provided you with a few ideas about celebrating with your cat! If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends.

We always love to hear about your pet’s birthday celebrations, so please post some pics on our Facebook page!


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